Which manufacturer, operating in the mobile market, raises very different emotions? If we offered our readers a probe that question, the results of the palm probably corporations fighting over Apple and Samsung.

Galaxy S4 sales results confirm that Samung is an effective company / Fig. Manufacturer

Today devote attention to this other company. Although the Korean company logs better results, this group of people and manufacturers complaining about the said corporation is constantly growing. The question is whether their reluctance stems from the actual "win" Samsung, or for fear of increasing the strength of the Asian giant?

A company with a wide range, the spammer Technology

Some time ago, the Web emerged text for the actions of Samsung in the smartphone market. Make working in this sector on a large scale and can become confused, but the author has focused on a much narrower issue: the use of force flagship Galaxy S4 marketing to increase sales of other products. What exactly talking about? I suspect that most of you have seen the mobile market for some time, and about the associated events of the last months, if not quarters. If so, then you should've heard of smartphones such as the Galaxy Mini S4, S4 Active Galaxy, Galaxy and Galaxy S4 S4 Zoom Google Edition. This handset Samsung presented recently and getting ready to turn up the sale of the Asian giant. Their names, and more specifically by writing a reference to the smartphone Galaxy S4, which is the current flagship corporations are not random – Samsung wants to use the popularity and considerable marketing power to promote its supersmartfonu other devices. Do they have something in common (eg in terms of specification) of the flagship? Not necessarily (except for such quasi Nexus, the Google Edition SGS 4) – the most we have to deal with models equipped with other components designed for customers with different needs and budgets. From a marketing point of view, these activities seem to be a great move. Samsung tested them last year on the smartphone Galaxy S III Mini, it turned out that this method may be madness. While some argue that the Koreans undercut in this way wings competent Galaxy S4 (pose for the competition), it is difficult to agree with this view – that these products are directed to a new audience and rather complementary (different matter whether rightly) offer player .

Samsung Galaxy S4 / photo gsmManiaK.pl

In the previous paragraph I wrote that the more complete the range of Samsung smartphones. Some people refer to this phenomenon in other words. There were allegations "flooding the market equipment" and even "spamerstwa technology" (author's conclusions cited earlier text). Company alleges that its strategy, it destroys both the market (elimination of competition by flooding the sector further, often very similar devices), as well as its own brand, which worked quite a few years. Will the critics are right? Maybe so, but in that case why the competition decided to copy the actions of Samsung?

Others follow the footsteps of Samsung

Let me start by fabletów (also called tabfonami). In a few weeks (probably at the IFA 2013) will be announced the next installment of the device Galaxy Note. The equipment is waiting probably a lot of people, as the previous editions of the Samsung has demonstrated that it is able to surprise the market. In 2011, the launch of the first Galaxy Note can human aroused disbelief to some commentators, and even ridicule on the part of the competition. Quickly, however, was to prove that the great winged Korean company in a niche market (in retrospect, it is difficult to determine whether the answer in this way, the needs of customers, or simply it has created – it weighs a result, the increase in profits).

Samsung Galaxy Note / photo: Press Releases

Subsequent manufacturers have begun releasing to market their models with large displays, LG, HTC, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Sony. Was soon to find that Samsung has modified its move across the industry as the display began to grow and has become the standard for flagship is 5 inches. This in turn encouraged the company to overclocking parameters fabletów. Some time ago has exceeded its limit of 6 inches (just to mention Samsung Galaxy Mega models with 6.3-inch screen, Huawei Ascend Mate 6.1-inch display and Sony recently unveiled Xperia X Ultra 6.4-inch screen) and slowly approaching is a small tablet. One might ask whether Samsung would introduce competition to their tender fablety had not presented the first Koreans Note can human? There is, of course, rule out that the changes would carry out another player, but I must admit that it is hard to believe. It seems that the only corporation (except Samsung) capable of creating a new trend (which has a huge impact) is Apple. Cupertino giant is probably not prepared to Prime Minister of this type, and thus not likely to dump tabfonów oglądalibyśmy today were it not for the presentation of the Galaxy Note can human. Similarly, if the matter is smartfoów marked "Mini".

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini / Fig. gsmManiaK.pl

some time in the mention of the smartphone HTC One Mini, which is a smaller version of the flagship Taiwanese manufacturer. The device is still not seen the light of day, but it can not be excluded that in the end the company will present them (slowly starting to be in a situation where it is worth iMac every opportunity for profit). It's hard to tell if the younger brother of the One will see its components specific to the flagship (except for the big screen, of course), but regardless of the parameters you can not get the impression that to some extent the HTC inspire action to Samsung. Since Koreans are relatively low cost to increase their sales (using the power of the popular model) and improve profits, why Taiwanese would not benefit from this lesson? The HTC case is not over, because apparently similar ideas go over the heads of Chinese policy makers giants Lenovo, Huawei and ZTE. In the case of the latter company apparently provided a smaller version of the smartphone Nubia Z5. Rumor has it that the Chinese decide to solution other than Samsung: the mini version will be better in terms of components of the model output. It makes no sense to go into details, because it is only speculation. There is no doubt, however, that the Koreans also in this case initiated a trend that is beginning to be used by other players. the end of this thread can mention flagowcach clean version of Android. Suggested Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Edition, HTC announced a moment later model Nexus One Experience, there have been rumors about a similar solution szykowanego by Sony. It can not be stated clearly that this was the idea of ​​Samsung, which over time can start to use other players, but the truth is that the Koreans were again first. The other plan out debate over whether these quasi Nexuses make sense – shareholders manufacturers and analysts are more interested in whether companies will go to make money …

The results show the benefit of Samsung

In early June, the Samsung appeared darkened in the industry there was a rumor which stated that selling the Galaxy S4 is not as good as projected by the company itself and it will be necessary correction plans. Just to recall here that the ambitious Koreans assumed that sell 100 million units of the smartphone. Target seems to be very difficult to achieve and there is the question of whether the organization is not przeszarżowała and not suspended bar too high? According to the data provided by the company representatives that do not.

Some time ago, Samsung celebrated the sale of 100 million smartphones Galaxy S line / photo by Samsung

The company announced in early July that the Galaxy S4 sold within two months (it was introduced to the market at the end of April) with a circulation of 20 million copies. For comparison, the predecessor of the current flagship, the Galaxy S III model needed to achieve a similar result 100 days, and therefore more than three months. You can see quite clearly that the "four" exacting records dramatically improves the "troika". For other players in the segment of smartphones with Android, such results are out of range and there is no indication that, in the near future this will change. What's more, the latest flagship Samsung may beat in terms of sales as a competitive product from Apple. Until now, to Samsung has already "jump" Apple in terms of the number of smartphones sold, but not by a single model – the entire Galaxy S line have to compete with one ear of the American manufacturer. This time may be different, and both Apple's flagship current and next iPhone (5S, 6?) May lose the Galaxy S4 race for the title of best-selling smartphone. Although many people this change seems to be negligible, in fact, it will be a very important signal, demonstrating the fact that Samsung is the undisputed leader in the market of "smart phones. And it's undisputed leader (there will still be a matter of profits from the sale, but the this regard, Samsung also does not have to be ashamed of – more on that later).

Samsung has proved that he can make money on smartphones / Fig. Tomislav Forgo, Shopping

Korean company gradually increased its market share and pushes competition on the defensive. Helps including both the flagship, which, like a locomotive pulls the train Product and individual wagons : other smart phones and traditional phones. According to the forecasts of analyst firms and industry watchers mobile (the goal established for yourselves the Koreans), in 2013 to Samsung manages to sell over 500 million handsets and smartphones (the latter should be a major part of sales). W Compared with the previous year Koreans poprawiliby sale up to 20%, which should be considered a very good result. If we consider that smartphones began to gain in popularity a few years ago, the Asian giant will make the results even more impressive. huge sale itself is not yet a success – it is important that it is translated into good financial results. Samsung also and in this respect has blossomed into a very solid company. several quarters Koreans regularly improves its performance and present reports, the contents of which competition can simply envy them. Suffice it to that in the previous quarter revenues totaled $ 50 billion, a $ 8.3 billion profit. Interestingly, analysts disappointed that information – they expected a profit of nearly $ 9 billion. Though the producer did not fulfill their expectations, it still has good reason to be satisfied, since there are indications that in the future (at least in the short), their dominance will be difficult to compromise.

Samsung springboard for other companies

The proof of the success of Samsung are not only sales and huge profits, but also reluctance on the part of the competition and use the firny to promote their own brand. Examples of recent weeks is the attitude of the corporation Huawei. One of its top managers stated that the success of Samsung's mainly due to the huge expenditure on marketing. In his opinion, with such large resources allocated to advertising can sell each product, and its quality is in this case a secondary issue. An employee of a Chinese company went even further and asserted that Huawei is doing better phones from Samsung, but does not have such large resources on marketing to promote them accordingly (referred to as the quality SGS4 and stated that "the smartphone is so-so").

Ascend P6 is, according to Huawei, better than the smartphone Samsung / photo press releases

The fact that Huawei attacks Samsung is not just a coincidence. This is probably part of Chinese corporations planned strategy that attempts to improve their sales performance at a low cost. Criticising the largest producer has to pay attention to Huawei and ensure their place in the industry reports (similar tricks used a few and they can be effective). At one time (although the method is used to this day) Samsung presented a similar style when mocked Apple and its products. We are faced with yet another example of the fact that ideas Koreans are used by other companies … There is no doubt that Samsung peeps actions of the other players in the IT sector, and often carries meaningful solutions to their land. At the same time, however, the manufacturer becomes a trendsetter in the business. This applies both to the same products and sales strategies, and actions to improve results. Not all, of course, replied: Korean conglomerate is no shortage of critics, but even they can not deny the effectiveness of the company. And that's what it is the strength of a company. The text is based on data published by The Verge, Jefferies & Company, high tech.mail.ru, CNN, IntoMobile, Astera, Samsung, DigiTimes, Nomura, Bloomberg, Electronista, Onliner. Became interested your article? See also other manic columns .
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