Samsung Galaxy Note II is a very interesting proposition 5.5-inch phabletu, despite the fact that in the near future debut is the third generation of this model. Even more attractive option presents itself with dual SIM card slot (N7102), which is dedicated to the Chinese market. And the most bizarre looks modified version of that dual Sima which has extremely large capacity battery and a lot of memory. [Gallery] One of forumowiczów xda-developers decided to slightly tweak Galaxy Note II implementing to him almost three times more capacious battery than the original, because the claque find a battery with a capacity of 9300 mAh. This is not the end, because instead of the standard microSD card reader to my surprise there were a place for an SD adapter that sits in the memory card Lexar Professional 600x SDXC UHS-I with a capacity of 256 GB. Source: XDA