Samsung Galaxy SIII hit the 50 millionth customer in mid-March of this year. iPhone 4S in the three days earned the sympathy of four million people. And as the sale appeared in the 90s and the first decade of the twenty-first century? Remember? decided to make a brief summary, taking account of the global statistics are popular models.

21 years ago …

Motorola Personal Phone / photo by Motorola

In 1992, the market appeared "personal phone" from Motorola, which was one of the first cells for consumer use. Sold him the Vodafone network and Celinet – for 250 pounds sterling – and the device itself possessed keyboard and three function keys, specifically the switch, button Send and End Call. Personal Phone has sold six million copies.

First, a really popular phone

Motorola StarTAC / photo by Motorola

The year is 1996. The sale goes Motorola StarTAC, flip phone and a protruding antenna. It was then the smallest phone in the world that has achieved success quickly, even with a suggested price of $ 1,000. In a relatively short period of time the device was sold in an amount of 60 million units, which would be a record even before at least four years. It is true that in 1998 the Finns introduced to offer Nokia 6120, but this was "only" 21 million volunteers. Only in the years 1999 and 2000 debuted a device that we remember with great fondness even today. You know what I mean?

Nokia 3210

Nokia 3210 / Nokia photo

pleasant to the eye shape and incredible popularity – 150 million handsets sold – totaled 3210 on a pedestal. Dimensions 123,8 x50, 5×16, 7 millimeters and a weight of 153 grams without a doubt contributed to the Nokia for the title of one of the most important cells in the story. Interestingly, the 3210 did not have the vibration, but the "on your own" one could make such a function for very little money.

On the wave

Nokia 3310 / Nokia photo

Just a year later, in 2000, the Finnish corporation showed the next big thing – model 3310. The device has spread to more than 130 million customers and probably everyone works so far. Just read the legends associated with the strength of the device.

Siemens M30 / Siemens photo

Interestingly, only this time he began to reach out to Siemens awareness. Gained a lot of popularity phone M30 with a characteristic red design.

Samsung SGH-T100 / Samsung photo

Samsung, with its SGH-T100, there was "only" in 2002, closing the phone with the result of the production of 12 million units sold.

2004 – the year of Nokia and Motorola (again)

Nokia 2600 / Nokia photo

Once again, over "hundreds" came from Nokia and Motorola. The first of the series 2xxx models, namely 2600, 2610 and 2630 which differ from each other such the presence of a VGA camera, a little thinner design and better screen – but either way they were phones based on one project.

Motorola RAZR V3 / photo by Motorola

The hit from another country was, in turn, the Motorola RAZR V3, shown in the third quarter of 2004. Flap, thin profile and glossy keyboard meant that few people were able to resist this invention. Indeed, this is confirmed by figures: 130 million handsets sold.

The dominance of Nokia

Years 2005-2007 is undoubtedly the time the Finns. The undisputed leader in sales and popularity, placing on the market successively Nokia 1110 (150 million units), Nokia 1600, 1650 and 1661 (130 million in total) and Nokia 1200 (150 million), was one of the few major manufacturers. You can not, of course, nothing subtracted Motorola (with the popular C139).

Sony Ericsson J300i / photo by Sony Ericsson

is of great importance also had a Sony Ericsson, the author of such concepts as J300 (15 million), K750 (15 million) and W810 (15 million), with its BlackBerry Pearl 8100 and Samsung E250, which are sold in amounts, respectively, 15 and 12 million copies. Then came the year 2008. Yes, this 2008. Apple equaled the number of Nokia 3G iPhones sold, with five times better than in 2007, when the band released the first smartphone from Cupertino. And the rest? The rest probably already know.