World Android fans looking forward to the new system. Maybe not quite so new, it will still Jelly Bean but the changes are larger or smaller will definitely occur. Sorry but the fragmentation of Android is a silent killer of the environment which is not less so that the latest child from Google receives very little equipment at the beginning. We can be sure of an update for the Nexus family, and certainly for the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 because it's on them noticed a new version of Android. version numbers which are respectively noted JWR66D and JWR53F. J indicates that this is still Bean Jelly. Serial numbers carry information that one of softów was created in 66 and one in 53 on the corresponding quarter. A is the first quarter of 2009. E – the first quarter of 2010. Quick translation and leaves that R is the first quarter of 2013. 53/66 days after the first quarter gives us the turn of May and June. Suitably D is that it is a version of the ROM 4, and F – 6

Android 4.3 / Photo:

Please note that all updates as well as the upcoming Android 4.3 is made ​​available progressively at a given facility. The fact that some people have given it does not mean that for us it is ready. This allows users to download at full speed without worrying about the software that the manufacturer will not hold servers. Let me know whether the long wait for the updates that have already appeared officially for your phone. Do you think that Android 4.3 is already close? Source: