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So heavy beast I have not seen. Pentagram MONSTER stands out from the rest of smartphones thickness and weight for one simple reason – we can find a battery with a capacity of 4100 mAh, which is the greatest link I've seen in a very long czasu.Sprzęt is with all his weight pretty neat and well located in his hand. And that's something.

Pentagram MONSTER / photo gsmManiaK.pl

The abbreviation, or wideorecenzja Pentagram MONSTER

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The design, appearance and quality

15 milimetów with the battery? A good result!

At the beginning I quote a few cursory opinion that MONSTER raised among potential (or actual) users. These four brief questions scrolled up most often:

  • option of self-defense,
  • ability to use your smartphone as a substitute for bricks,
  • the ability to use it instead of a hammer to break tempered glass,
  • athletes can train in shot put.

However, contrary to appearances, MONSTER comfortable in the hand. Confirmed both the undersigned, as well as several of his friends who had the opportunity to check the equipment. Just weight equal to 182 grams not particularly mind in everyday use, but if you're going to walk for several hours in a row, do not forget about the trouser belt. Getting used to the weight of P430-1 takes a moment. The positive perception certainly help thin bezels, persisting in the market standard.

Pentagram MONSTER / photo gsmManiaK.pl

Simple, solid black stands out against other smartphones at a similar price threshold thickness only. While the overall quality of performance can not fault it for flying little buttons – yes. Do not they make a solid impression, but I have not experienced major problems. [Nggallery id = 436 template = techmaniak] MONSTER sold in one color combination – black. The sides of the unit finished with a matt lacquer, while the back cover is coated with a distinctive tactile textures, which, however, does not provide sufficient grip especially in the summer, when the hands are often sweaty.


Weak IPS, but with a very large range of brightness

Resolution on the 4.3 inch 960×540 pixel density results in 256 PPI and the smartphone for about $ 800 I do not expect anything more. Ba, the pixels are there more than in the more expensive Xperia L (except for the differences in terms between smartphones). The screen was enough for me everything – parties, games, photos and movies. Color reproduction is at the appropriate level.

Pentagram MONSTER / photo gsmManiaK.pl

If you decided to buy the equipment, remember two films adhered to the display. The first is the role of a typical protective and can be seen right away. The existence of the other, or you will learn the unpleasant delays in response to touch, or the information written out in the fine print first. After removal of the two, the matrix of the LG operated easily.

Pentagram MONSTER / photo gsmManiaK.pl

The viewing angle IPS matrices should be good in principle. Monster does best in the horizontal. Looking at the monitor from the top or from the bottom, but you can already see some fading of colors. The advantage is, however, in-cell technology that allows the placement of the monitor at a short distance from the protective glass (Gorilla Glass coating-free).

Pentagram MONSTER - viewing angle / photo gsmManiaK.pl

big plus goes to Monster for the opportunity to dim the screen to a ridiculously low value of 7 cd/m2, so we can read e-books or articles in the browser, even in complete darkness. One evening I sat there for two hours, studying the card new work by Andrzej Stasiuk – experienced at the eyestrain. Sure, this is not the same as the experience of e-ink technology, but certainly worth noting. Max, in turn, was able to achieve a value of 294 cd/m2.


Throw away, sir, charger!

Pentagram implemented here, the link with a capacity of 4100 miliamperogodzin, characterized by – on average – two or even three times more energy supply than it is in other smart phones on the same shelf. As usual, we have given an exhaustive battery endurance tests, carried out on the screen brightness set to 120 cd/m2 calibrator. That's about one-third of what Monster has to offer.

The battery of Pentagram MONSTER left, right - the model EGO / photo gsmManiaK.pl

With heavy use (e-mails, chat, instant messaging occasional gaming, video from YouTube, here and there) MONSTER was able to hold out for two and a half to three days. Replenishment of energy from scratch takes about six-seven hours, as long as we rely on the power supplied. [Test slug = "battery" product_id = "19088"]

The camera and filming

Standard, nothing more

Pentagram MONSTER / photo gsmManiaK.pl

MONSTER is based on ośmiomegapikselowej (2400×3200 px) matrix of standard cell physical size. Autofocus and dual LED flash does not impress, but I never failed – P430-1 sharpening always where exactly I wanted. In the final specification smartphone got a plus in a dedicated two-stage shutter-release button located on the right side. Few sample pictures
Pentagram Monster - sample Pentagram Monster - sample
Pentagram Monster - sample Pentagram Monster - sample

The camera interface

Pentagram MONSTER - camera / photo gsmManiaK.pl

Pentagram MONSTER recording movies in 1280×720 at 14 frames per second and 854×480 at optimum klatkowaniu. Video offers the detail, will permit FWVGA resolution, contrast seems even normalized extreme colors. Movement is returned to the clips as naturally (with the exception of software improved HD Ready and his low FPSs), although this could not be known about the effects of the top models of Samsung or Nokia.

Mode to record video at 1280×720 is not natively supported by the chipset Snapdragon S4 Play and, thus, serves, rather, the role of marketing. In the following test clips, movies in "720p" is in the second position.

A few examples of movies:

The quality of calls, the dialing screen


Monster offers high quality audio with the right coverage – the caller's voice is clear and clean, and the speaker does well even with the passing whisper. Microphone P430-1 also works flawlessly. Dialer is a convenient, all the buttons are laid out sensibly. There is, moreover, hardly surprising – after all, there Pentagram used the photo version of Android.

Pentagram MONSTER / photo gsmManiaK.pl

With two SIM cards can be defined, which we use to make a call. After pressing the handset, you will see a picture of this here:

Pentagram MONSTER / photo gsmManiaK.pl


Small konsolka?

I suspect that at least some of you are thinking about Monsterz as a relatively cheap, robust and efficient gaming console (with the option of calling). Others, however, will focus on aspects of travel and buy the smartphone due to the access to advanced applications that will be useful during mountain trip and this will drain the battery. While the latter can be sure, so we do not know how to cope with MONSTER benchmarks. You calm down – it's not too bad. It's not a demon performance, but had to be reckoned with. Pentagram put mainly on the duration of action, and all for the price you can not have. Most, however, do not require titles you run easily. Key elements of the specification:

  • Processor: Qualcomm MSM8225 Snapdragon S4 SKU5, dual-core, 1.2 GHz clock speed,
  • Graphics: Adreno 203
  • Memory: 768 MB of RAM.

Below we present the results from several popular benchmarks. The more points, the better. [Test slug = "quadrant" product_id = "19088"] [test slug = "antutu" product_id = "19088"] [test slug = "an3dbenchxl" product_id = "19088"] [test slug = "3dmark" product_id = "19088 ']


Look here, do not stretch, but the whole season favorite series

4.3-inch IPS is a great case for multimedia fans, though I can not say the same about the capabilities of the smartphone. The files in 1080p MONSTER did not deal at all. Resolution of the lower level was not a problem for him, however, in most cases. Tested the following files:

  • mkv, 480p, xvid, 1mbps, he aac, subtitles;
  • mkv, 720p, h264, 600kbps, aac / mp3 audio dual;
  • mp4, 720p, h264, 3Mbps, aac;
  • mkv, 720p, h264, 3Mbps, vorbis, subtitles;
  • mp4, 720p, h264, 6Mbps, ac3 (picture no liquidity);
  • mkv 1080p h264, 10Mbps, dts (not played);
  • mts, 1080p, h264, 12Mbps, stereo (image is not liquidity);
  • mkv 1080p h264, 40Mbps (image is not liquidity).

Software and functionality

Pentagram: prepare an update to Android 4.1.

When you buy P430-1 to accept the fact that you have installed here Android version 4.0.4, which can not boast of such fluidity that characterizes Jelly Bean edition. You can, however, install the newer system on your own or wait for the update directly from the manufacturer. The factory default configuration also lacks flash, but it's easy to fix it by installing the appropriate application from Adobe. MONSTER, however, has another advantage – Support for two full-size SIM cards on standby. We can determine which of them has – for example – to act as a medium for the transmission of data, which will act as a phone. Pentagram took care of support for Aero 2, so you do not have to worry about the constant exchange of the SIM in order to obtain free access to the network. The downside is not always reliable, automatic switching between the two cards, but fortunately we have a full range of manual settings. Plus cards tested here, Hayah, Playa, Orange and Aero 2 [Nggallery id = 438 template = techmaniak] Web Browsing via a system Android browser. The application works fine, and the smartphone ensures a smooth zoom in or zoom out the plan. Occasionally, however, experienced the closing process itself, in five days it happened once, maybe twice. MONSTER has four gigabytes of storage space, but is available to the user – traditionally – less than half. MicroSDjest card necessary since without it, it is impossible to store photos taken an integrated camera. Some may irritate inaccurate location – in some places, the system displays the Polish language, while in other commands in English. For example, the camera application error with "the wrong choice of codec" is shown above the second language.

Summary, evaluation and review

Dual-SIM + capacious battery. What do you want more?

It is not particularly pretty or smart phone, or maximum efficiency, but it is best when it comes to capacity. Huge power supply allows you to enjoy a full-featured phone for up to three days, which is a result of reach for potential competitors Monster. Shapely silhouette is not too thick, and her deftness (big is beautiful?) Can feel relatively confident when you hold the device in your hand. A very cool feature of the smartphone is signed logo LG IPS screen, having a decent color reproduction and not the worst, in its class, the viewing angles. Moreover, it is done in in-cell technology, which "shows" all the display to the upper pane.

Pentagram MONSTER / photo gsmManiaK.pl

The disadvantages include Monster recording in 720p mode, promoted by the manufacturer on the package, and who present themselves useless in practice due to restrictions Snapdragon. However, the camera itself works very well, providing high image detail – especially for a device of this class. The icing on the cake is the two-stage shutter button. Interestingly, in turn, is the inability to record images if your smartphone does not have a memory card. Specification is nothing special, but unfortunately, Adreno 203 GPU is rather low-end performance. Shall not preclude the use of Monster as a mobile gaming consoles. Without much difficulty you start on the primary production, but also the more challenging – like GTA. [temperature] DESIGN / QUALITY | 2.5 | DISPLAY | 3.5 | OUTPUT POWER | 5.0 | Camera | 3.5 | CAPACITY | 3.0 | SOFTWARE / FUNCTIONALITY | 3.5 [/ temperature]
  • Support Dual SIM
  • battery with a capacity of 4100 mAh,
  • good design,
  • decent quality pictures and videos,
  • two-stage shutter button
  • IPS display from LG, the technology in-cell,
  • support for Aero 2 in Dual SIM
  • branded set of sensors – accelerometer, magnetic field orientation, proximity and ambient light intensity,
  • expandable memory with microSD card
  • priceless feeling "indestructible bricks".
  • "Flying" buttons
  • Android 4.0.4,
  • 3G supports only one slot,
  • not a good shooting in 720p mode,
  • poor performance in graphics-intensive games,
  • large scale.

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