Gameloft, one of the leading producers and publishers of games for mobile platforms has plans to release 12 of their best titles on the device operating system based on Windows Phone eighth One of them will be Grand Theft Auto 4: Zero Hour – amazing looking FPS, which has already had its debut on iOS and Android.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour on the Nokia Lumia / photo WPCentral

Last part of the game Modern Combat still holding levels, not only in terms of gameplay, but also audio-visual binding. The world presented in the game is facing a nuclear disaster, is kidnapped President of the United States, and the main task of the group is to release the best soldiers of the Head of State from the hands of kidnappers. Interestingly, the player is on both sides of the wall, playing once a U.S. soldier, once a terrorist, what makes the story interesting for a moment does not allow to release the device with your hands. Graphics and Sound setting is at the highest level, and although a little short of the conditions "console", I must admit that Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the best looking FPS on mobile platforms. Three-dimensional graphics, well odzworowane characters and environments, and applied (for the first time in the production of Gameloft) Havok physics engine makes the player will be overwhelmed. According to what gives Windows Phone Central service as early as next Wednesday in a market Microsoft will be playing Grand Theft Auto 4: Zero Hour specially developed for holders of smartphones running Windows Phone eighth version will have a single-player campaign consisting of 12 missions, as well as an extensive multi-player mode. The latter will work through local WiFi network, allowing the game up to 12 people. Moreover, in order to extend the functionality of Gameloft Live is integrated with Xbox Live, allowing users of both services will be able to send invitations to each other and they play the game. How this will work in practice, we will see in a few days. Fourth edition of the "Mobile Call of Duty" will go to the Windows Marketplace already on Wednesday and, like the iOS version of the Android will cost $ 6.99 (approx. 22.29 gold). For proper operation of the device is required 1 GB of RAM and a couple of gigabytes of free space on the data. At the end take a look at the following video, which shows the look and feel of the game on the Nokia Lumia 920th YouTube Preview Image Source: WPCentral