Nokia Asha 509 – the top model of the series Asha?

The most important series of the Nokia Lumia phones is, of course, but the Finnish manufacturer has not forgotten about the other in order of series – Asha. The latter is designed for less demanding customers. According to information found on Nokia is working on a series of flagship Asha. Of course, it will still weaker than the budget proposals of the Windows Phone.

Nokia Asha 509? / Source:

phone in the picture is according to information Nokia Asha 509. It would be equipped with a 5 megapixel camera and a brand new design of the system. There have found a series of Lumia borrowings, such as the phone lock screen. Because it's Asha price should be less than $ 165, which is the conversion of approximately 550, respectively. This phone would fill the gap between the currently available models of a series of Asha and cheapest Lumiami. Asha 509 is very similar to Lumia series phones, and as shown in picture, we can expect this model in several colors. We must also remember that Nokia is working on Meltemi OS and the new flagship model designed to be the successor to the 920th Lumii Finnish manufacturer has already produced some interesting, budget phones, and in addition to that segment of the market seems to be a very good move. Retrieved

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