Aloud recently about the various blunders, that's even possible to circumvent the Xperia Z. Somewhere out there quietly on the sidelines of all the scandals related to security of mobile devices Apple has always, in the opinion of many characterized by a high level of security. And suddenly there's a report that explicitly deny this theory. Analysis of Sourcefire reached far enough in the past: the company took a closer look at the last 25 years of history of security vulnerabilities, based on documents provided by the U.S. Government. Yves Younan, author of the report saw a very interesting pattern: although Apple always releases with updates security patches, as only the grid, it can not reduce the number of reported vulnerabilities in sofcie. What is worse, the number of sites found errors in software that can be used to transfer user data, is increasing.

Security major mobile platforms; Photo: Sourcefire

According to the report, 81% of security vulnerabilities in leading mobile platforms is now the corporation Tim Cook. The safest BlackBerry platform is followed closely by the ranks of Windows Phone. Android is the last place on the podium, however, and so it is – according to the report – a whole lot safer against iOS'a. Source: Sourcefire,