Do you remember PALM device? This can be a difficult task, but Symbian certainly know. A few years ago it was on the phone system was desired by many. Were innovative and technologically advanced, much more than a system with Sony Ericsson and other mobile phones. Virtually every friend of mine had a phone with this system. And where is he now?

Mobile systems over the last 7 years / Source:

There is nothing revelatory that Symbian is going through its final year and will soon no longer exist. Nokia changed it to Windows Phone, and now it's the apple of the eye. ComScore shows a very interesting chart that shows how the shares were as different operating systems in America over the last 7 years. We may well see what has changed the mobile phone market – Apple and then Google. These two systems have entered the market much later than the others, but quickly gained recognition and now they are on most smartphones. It is, of course, there are several other solutions, such as Windows Phone, Blackberry 10, Tizen or Firefox OS but they just have to convince the users. And you had used your phone with Symbian And how you will look like the plot for a few years? Source: