Wojtek Jabczyński can not let Play confuse the 5G Ready network in the background. The Orange spokesman has even decided to publish a video that explains what technology is and why it has nothing to do with real 5G.

Play advertising the 5G Ready network is actually advertising LTE-Advenced network, which is nothing new. Well, basically everyone is using the solution. I will say more – LTE-A has nothing to do with 5G, and the term Ready is more than misleading here. This is the result of the Orange spokesman's message, which he does not agree with.


5G Ready does not really exist

Although I defended Play not so long, claiming that the whole 5G Ready is a really harmless marketing game, I am increasingly irritated by the fact that they are getting stuck up by Violet. Using the image of celebrities whose task is to confirm future and current Play customers in the belief that it is a 5G Ready operator has stopped being fun. The case has become serious and this is how it is treated by a direct competitor – Orange.


Wojtek Jabczyński , after conducting a thorough research among Orange engineers, ensures that the current MIMO 4×4 infrastructure is not ready for the so-called 5G. What's more, currently no smartphone available on the market in regular sales does not allow you to enjoy the transfer at the level of 5G. It's fun, especially since the 5G Ready advertised by Play is based on the mentioned MIMO 4×4.