The affair with sending data by Nokia 7 Plus straight to China for many smartphone users of this manufacturer was quite a surprise event. The HMD Global concern reacted immediately to the case, but the position of the company would rather not appease everyone.

Nokia has so far been regarded as a company that quite strongly adheres to the old rules and tries to allow its users the best experience of contact with smartphones of this brand. The HMD Global group has brought this manufacturer back to life in a really good style, offering at least quite fast Android system updates for all smartphones from this manufacturer. After a series of good ideas and decisions, however, the time has come for a serious slip – it turned out that users of Nokia 7 Plus may be afraid that their data went straight to China, where the appropriate services could make good use of them.

HMD Global apologizes, but at the same time … he sees nothing wrong with it

HMD Global, which is responsible for all this turmoil, quickly referred to the matter. As we read in the official position:

the company has thoroughly analyzed this case and found no evidence that user data was used by third parties …

… and software that allows you to send data straight to your center …

was placed by mistake in a single batch of these devices.

As we have already informed, this error was localized and repaired in February 2019, and probably HMD Global thought that everything would go out on the bone, and the matter will never come out. Unfortunately (from the point of view of the manufacturer of smartphones), Norwegian colleagues favored this event, who quickly exacerbated this dishonest practice.



It seems, however, that in collecting data, the company sees nothing special . As it turns out, activation and location data are downloaded each time the smartphone is first launched, which helps to offer the right warranty conditions – according to official information, this data allows you to start the warranty period for a specific device. The problem is that this information flows straight to servers located far away in Singapore . And whether the guarantee is not realized on the basis of a document confirming the purchase?

I do not know what to think about it myself

I must admit that these translations are, however, thick sewn threads and it is rather hard to accept them in an uncritical manner . This shows that our data is a very valuable product that we simply have to fight for, often without being aware of how they are used. Let's hope that HMD Global and Nokia take this warning seriously and will not come to a similar slip-up. And may the storage of our data be solidly limited, if not to zero, to the absolute minimum.

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