If you planned a film screening with CDA for today, it's time to consider another scenario for the evening. This service in the act of protest against changes in European copyright law has decided to limit the functionality for as much as 24 hours.

The protest against ACTA 2, because it was not officially named changes, was also joined by other services such as Wikipedia, Twich, JoeMonster , but this act of "rebellion" also included other platforms. Nevertheless, the scale of the protest, and more specifically its course, is somewhat more delicate in these cases and is limited to displaying a board informing about the case.

A series of protests against ACTA 2

The whole affair concerns all European websites, so we are talking about more than just a Polish backyard. Strongly controversial articles 11 and 13 contained in the proposed copyright changes may cause the image of the internet as we know it to be strongly curved. Literally.

Although there are still several days left from the final decision approving or rejecting the regulations, the deadline of March 26 is fast approaching. If the vote goes to the enthusiasts of the solution, the European network may be censored in a way, which is in conflict with its very idea. Some of you wonder what these arrangements mean? I am in a hurry with short explanations.

Article 11 – will focus on giving back to the original author content, to which, for example, websites, the possibility of requesting a fee for the use of information. This may affect the smaller players from the "online press" segment.

Article 13 – will be a tool allowing to verify materials in terms of copyright still at the level of internet providers. Full surveillance.


fot. CDA

What can we do?

Above all, keep calm. Although as a person earning money on the Internet, I feel anxiety, I'm far from participating in street protests. The scale of changes, contrary to popular opinion, may not affect our everyday life in a way that makes it difficult to use the web.

Are you afraid of the potentially acute effects of introducing ACTA 2?

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