The Polish Payment Standard, Blik's operator informed about the important news in the service. From now on it will be possible to define recurring payments and what is important, the user will be able to manage them from the level of the banking application.

BLIK is getting better and better, as evidenced by hard numbers regarding the popularity of the service. The company, however, does not intend to slow down and let go, which may translate into further successes. This is demonstrated by the latest PSP message, from which we learn that BLIK now also supports recurring payments .

Bills, subscriptions and insurance at BLIK

The number of bills we pay monthly is growing. It is not difficult to overlook one or more obligations, which may be unpleasant. For this reason, we are happy to use the possibility of defining recurring payments in our banks. I successfully use the solution myself and I praise it myself.

The Polish Payment Standard , which manages BLIK, noticed the mentioned tendency and decided to offer its users an alternative to the services offered by banks. Thus, we are just witnesses of the debut of cyclic payments in BLIK.

How it's working?

When the customer decides on the form of payment, for example for subscribing to a favorite service, after choosing BLIK, he will be asked for a possible recurrence of activities, i.e. fees. Comfortable and simple. Equally pleasurable is the issue of managing such payments, which will take place directly in the application of our bank.

The clients of ING Bank Śląski and Bank Pekao SA will be the first to benefit from the news. Memories users will be able to settle payments for insurance and bills LINK4 Play'u.