Virgin Mobile has introduced a new mobile internet service VIRGIN NET to its offer. At the moment, the interested parties will be able to choose one of two packages.

Virgin Mobile has launched a completely new product, VIRGIN NET . Available in two subscription options, it offers 60 or 120 gigabytes of data every month. For its customers, the operator has prepared a discount for the internet plan.

VIRGIN NET contains packages that are supposed to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

zrzut ekranu z virginmobile

zrzut ekranu z virginmobile

Virgin Mobile as part of the new mobile internet offer VIRGIN NET has prepared two packages – 60GB or 120GB to choose from . They are dedicated primarily to people who can not use or do not want traditional access to the network. The offer can be used by both existing customers and new ones, although for the former the prices of packages are definitely lower. The offer for customers is as follows:
  • VIRGIN NET 60 for PLN 25 a month;
  • VIRGIN NET 120 for PLN 35 a month.

In order to take advantage of promotional prices, you must already have Plan1, Plan2, Plan3 in the term or indefinite option or subscription "For Everyone" for 14 PLN. The offer for new customers is as follows:

zrzut ekranu z virginmobile

zrzut ekranu z virginmobile

  • VIRGIN NET 60 for PLN 35 a month;
  • VIRGIN NET 120 for PLN 50 a month.

In each case a one-time activation fee of PLN 29 is charged.

VIRGIN NET is of course a funnel.

Data transmission via the mobile internet VIRGIN NET can only take place in Poland. What is even more important, after using the purchased package, using the internet will still be possible without additional charges, although the data transfer rate drops to 32kbit / s . According to the operator, as part of the service, the customer will be able to use only the internet package – all other services are blocked.

Up to three packages can be used

One subscriber can purchase and use up to three VIRGIN NET plans . The situation is similar for the operator's customers. You can also buy up to three plans with the abovementioned discount. Mobile Internet can be purchased via the website , as well as at points of sale. For more information, I am sending you to the regulations .