Users of the most popular social networking platforms complain about problems with normal use. For several hours Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp are struggling and refusing to access the main functions.

For several hours Facebook and its affiliate social networks are struggling with a breakdown that hinders or even prevents normal use of services. The situation is serious and does not concern only the territory of Poland.

Facebook is fighting a major failure

The most vulnerable users are those who have been late in the afternoon of 13 March and are denied access to their own accounts . Logged-in clients do not have much easier, because their movements on Facebook, Messengerze and Instagram have been very limited. Applications have stopped supporting sending photos and other multimedia, and every attempt to log in results in a short message. Broader information appeared only on the Facebook profile on Twitter: Marek Zuckerberg's head office ruled out the DDoS attack, however the source of the fault was still not confirmed. Let only its cause not lead to more serious consequences of data leak – until now nothing indicates it. The immobilization of the largest portals for more than seven and more hours, however, can be treated as a serious failure, which even the best developers can not deal with so far. Instagram also posted his statement: Not only Polish users , but also people using Facebook and native applications in the United States and Europe are exposed to access problems. In total, about 25,000 problem reports were submitted. The entry will be updated after explaining the situation. Source