Galaxy Fold will not be the only folded Samsung smartphone. The company is already working on two such constructions. Nevertheless, despite the substantial resemblance to the protoplast, the new equipment of Koreans will have slightly different approaches. To the point.

There is no denying that foldable devices are a hit . A purely theoretical hit, because no consumer could afford buying it yet. Even when the first devices appear on store shelves, the price barrier will effectively limit the range of their sales . Anyway – the foldable segment is currently on the top and it's worth watching.

If you think that Samsung intends to rest after the premiere of the Galaxy Fold model and focus on the analysis of interest in the smartphone, I have to lead you out of error. It turns out that the company is working on two further folded headphones. This is the result of report prepared by Bloomberg .

Similarly, but differently

Sprouting the idea of folding smartphones is a beautiful time for fans of technological innovations. It is now that they can observe variations on the subject of "compounders" appearing on fungi after rain. Currently only Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are on the market .

I deliberately did not mention Flexpai , because the equipment is not fully functional and it would be difficult to recommend it to anyone. There is a lack of diversity here, and if Bloomberg's reports are reflected in Samsung's real activities, things will become much more interesting.

Koreans have to work on two versions of folded smartphone. The first one will be a bit closer to the concept of Motorola RAZR, which means a vertical structure hidden inside the "phone with a flap". The second option is a strong reference to Mate X from Huawei, that is, the unit opened outside.

I am honestly pleased that Samsung is working on a slightly different approach than the standard approach to the newly-created market. In fact, no one knows yet what variant of the folded smartphone turns out to be the most satisfactory for the end customer . Experimenting with form is therefore a must and I hope that other brands will follow the South Korean giant.