Apple apologized to the non-original batteries on the iPhone. The company will again accept smartphones on authorized sites with such components.

Changing the battery is not so bad

IPhone users love to exchange batteries in their smartphones. It turns out that newer models after some time – when the battery life decreases – turn on the mechanism that slows down the device. The full remedy for this kind of situation is to replace either the entire smartphone, or at least its battery. It is worth recalling here that Apple's share over the previous year was related to the replacement of batteries in iPhones. Its beginning was the scandal associated with the discovery of slowing iPhones with a slightly worn battery. The company introduced a cheaper battery exchange service on which it eventually lost many millions – users exchanged batteries on smartphones 10 times more often than normal.

A non-original battery is a cheaper battery

The cheaper exchange program mentioned above has come to an end. No wonder then that many people are looking for cheaper alternatives again. There are many unoriginal replacements available on the market, which until now (after being implemented on a smartphone) meant that Apple did not want to accept calls from them at authorized sites and points of sale. Now it is going to change in the end!

Apple will accept the iPhone with a non-original battery

Apple allegedly issued an internal regulation for employees of Genius Bara and authorized points of sale, which MacRumors service reached. From the information contained therein, it appears that Apple is supposed to accept devices for repairs with batteries replaced at unauthorized points . This is a significant change. It should be noted, however, that it only applies to the iPhone's non-original battery.

A big change and a bold step for Apple

Until now, iPhones with non-original batteries were not accepted by Apple at all. Now it has to change. Still, you will not be able to give your smartphone with other substitutes. Some components may have substitutes and then the whole returns to the starting point. It does not matter if it is a Lightning connector, motherboard or buttons. The new Apple policy only indicates the possibility of a smartphone having a battery from an unauthorized point. Anyway, it should be noted that this is a bold step for the company. Why Apple made such a decision? It is not known. Perhaps it was connected with last year's campaign of cheaper battery exchange. Source