A foldable smartphone from Apple is not a vision, but a project that will sooner or later be implemented. The biggest problem with the iPhone is that most of us will not be able to afford it.

The market for folded smartphones is growing. Several companies have already shown their visions of flexible screens and their applications, but only Samsung and Huawei projects can be treated with due seriousness. Both Fold from Koreans and Mate X from the Chinese manufacturer are truly futuristic constructions that set trends.

The prices around 2000 euros, however, cool down the enthusiasm of fans of consumer electronics. It is difficult to find a justification for issuing this amount. We are talking about PLN 10,000, as we will probably pay for Huawei and Samsung smartphones in our Polish reality.

So if the purchase of the above-mentioned devices can afford a few, will folding iPhone find any buyers at all?

Foldable iPhone product for the elect

Smartphones, especially the flag ones, reach astronomical prices today. We pay 6 or 7 thousand zlotys for the most expensive options today. Theoretically cheaper versions of flagships are an expense from 3.5 to 5 thousand PLN. If you live in the same reality as me, and I assume that this is the case, you will probably admit that these amounts are far too high .

Even considering the usefulness of flagship smartphones with brilliant cameras, SF movies and possibilities that sometimes embarrass computers, it is difficult to find a justification for the release of a large, really large amount.

When producers exceeded the next limits of the absurd, there were two new products that crossed the mentioned border twice. I realize that folded smartphones will get cheaper with time and appear in medium price shelves . Of course, provided that such constructions are accepted, and visible interest indicates that this will be the case. Until then, however, they will be expensive, maybe even more expensive than today.


Let's take an Apple. The American company will sooner or later get into the folding equipment market. In principle, I would bet here " later than sooner ", because the Cupertino giant is famous for fondling the solutions on the market and using only mature ones. The exception confirming the rule was notch (I do not count Essential Phone).

Well, even if Apple puts an iPhone with folded screen on next year's line, and rumors say it will be, its price may mean a barrier that can not be overcome for the average bread eater. Even for a higher middle class, buying may not be possible. Since Samsung and Huawei were able to attack the market with prices at the level of 2000 euros, just think about how it will handle Apple's case.

I bet the folded iPhone will be offered at a minimum of 3000 euros , if not higher. I do not want to "swim" too far, but I feel that growers are able to break the amount I have chosen. What does it mean?

It's clear – the folded iPhone will be treatable like a fast sports car that, although manufactured at the factory, is out of the reach of a large part of society. It's hard to imagine a person earning a national average who can spend EUR 3,000 on equipment with one hand. I will add that we are talking about equipment that will serve the user two, maybe three years, which is much shorter than a sports car.

I give Apple respect and I belong to a group of satisfied customers, but I'm far from blind to following the ideas of Tim Cook. With a clear conscience, he states that the folded iPhone, at least in the first few years of market presence, will be a product almost unachievable to the majority . Apple, assuming a relentless pricing policy, may lose "this market" with producers of Android devices.