Redmi X, the flagship smartphone of the new line of cheap Xiaomi models, will certainly be presented with the Snapdragon 855 on board. Why is it not important in Poland?

We already know that Xiaomi will present in 2019 a whole bunch of flagships with the Snapdragon 855 on board. One of them will be Redmi X, who particularly puzzled me. It would be a natural competitor for the POCOPHONE F2, but nothing like that will happen. Why?

Redmi X will not make its debut outside of China

It looks like Polish users waiting for the flagship Redmi series will have to get around with the taste. Model X will not go beyond China , which dispels my previous doubts about the natural competition between him and POCOPHONE F2 – the second efficient smartphone of the same manufacturer with the top processor on board. The smartphone will be cheap, but it does not mean that it is badly equipped – on the board there will be, for example, a fingerprint reader integrated with the display. I would not count on it for support for 5G technology, because in 2019 it will be an element of specification reserved for the most expensive devices. At the same time, information was added to the network, according to which Xiaomi is working on a smartphone with a retractable selfie camera. Will it be Redmi X?

Xiaomi with a retractable selfie camera

Xiaomi already has one smartphone on offer, which has a selfie camera sliding from the screen. This is, of course, Mi Mix 3, which you will read a review soon on gsmManiaKu. The new model is supposed to present a slightly different approach to the subject, because it will not be a slider. Extract (probably with the help of an electric motor) only the camera itself, which brings associations with, for example, Vivo Nex S.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 / fot. gsmManiaK

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 / fot. gsmManiaK

Why am I writing about it in the entry regarding just Redmi X? Because it seems to me likely that it is in this model that such a solution could debut first. In this way, Xiaomi would provide a relatively cheap flagship market with a great screen-to-body ratio and a large amount of computing power. Source