How does Nokia N8 compare with the king of mobile photography – Pixel 3 XL? Not so tragically, as we would expect from a smartphone with Symbian, which is almost 10 years old. I invite you for a nostalgic meeting with one of the best models in the history of Nokia.

I was stalked on YouTube on Sunday afternoon and came across a video that compared the camera in Nokia N8 and Pixel 3 XL. How has mobile photography changed over the last decade?

What is Pixel 3 XL better in?

For me, the Pixel 3 XL is the king of mobile photography – at the beginning of 2019 – despite the single main camera. On this subject has been written so much that it makes no sense to translate its quality. Let's go straight to comparison. If you prefer a video version of reading, then I invite you to the original movie. YouTube Preview Image Pixel 3 XL is better than ever in the context of catching speed, and it's no surprise. I can write the same about the tonal range, and the amount of light reaching the matrix is much larger than in the case of a smartphone from Nokia. In the case of photos with worse lighting conditions, the advantage of Pixel is crushing, but this is the best night mode in smartphones we can meet. And even in auto mode there is nothing to compare. Interestingly, 10 years ago with the help of Nokia N8 you could take photos with a bokeh effect. I do not know about you, but I did not even think about using it on a daily basis – certainly not with a smartphone. And this is the biggest change in smartphone photography over the years – we can achieve impressive results with just one screen tap.

How has mobile photography changed?

The Nokia N8 is slower to focus, but it's almost never mistaken. It has a rather unpretentious and slow interface, from which we have become weaned over the past 10 years. In this aspect, we can expect better results even from the cheapest smartphones you buy in stores in early 2019. I would not look for faults in Nokia's defeat, however, on the hardware side – maybe in addition to a processor that can not handle photo processing like Snapdragon 845. However, imagine that for 10 years, the development of mobile photography has changed mainly … software . We now have portrait modes, support for AI and a lot of lenses – and with a little effort, the same effect could be achieved a long time ago.

Nokia N8 in 2019?

Yes, Pixel 3 XL makes much better photos, which was predictable. There is only one thing. Well, Pixel 3 XL costs in Poland at least PLN 3799, and in some stores about a thousand more . Do you know how much I found Nokia N8 on auction sites? About PLN 200. Sure, to use it in 2019 as something more than a compact camera, SMSs and ringing is about masochism. But if you use a phone for this, why not choose it instead of the phone feature ? Expensive HMD Global. You have already shown twice that you can play on nostalgia. Maybe it is time for the successor of Nokia N8 to hit the market ? I imagine it as a compact flagship with a screen of less than 5 inches and an emphasis on photography. Such a dream will never come true, but on Sundays you can postoff … Source