The time of having one iPhone model by the user is longer. We already know what the subsequent cycles follow. The question is – are you able to confirm this?

One iPhone for 4 years

One analyst from Bernstein – Toni Sacconaghi claims that the iPhone replacement cycle is on the increase. According to him, the increase in the price of devices translates into better taking care of smartphones by users, which in turn translates into a longer time of using them. Sacconaghi is of the opinion that the average smartphone owner with the logo of a bitten apple uses it for a minimum of four years . It's a very long time. Given that Apple supports even five-year devices, users can afford it. The analyst adds that this is one of the biggest risks in terms of revenues for Apple. He claims that only 16% of active iPhones will be exchanged for new models this year. This is to be translated into a 19% drop in sales of Apple phones.

Second-hand iPhone

As many as 32% of active iPhones at the moment are smartphones that were purchased on the secondary market. Simply put, one-third of active iPhones come second-hand and its current user is not the first owner. This trend is expected to progress over time. Looking at the high prices of devices, long support in terms of software is not surprising that some people who could buy a new model in the store prefer to be tempted by an older or used from another source. Such a turnover of iPhones from hand to hand may also bring a drop in revenues from services for Apple. Sacconaghi claims that in 2019 they will increase by only 15%, while in previous years it was an increase of 20% year on year. All because the number of subscribers such as Apple Music or Apple Pay will not increase as fast as before.

Too good equipment? Will it change now?

Some time ago I wrote how one author on his blog stated that Apple is doing "too good equipment". The truth is that if we actually begin to observe the prolonged cycle of exchanging iPhones for new ones, the whole may eventually go in the wrong direction . I really hope that Apple will not change its approach to the quality of products and will not intentionally age them. An idea about the whole situation and direction of Apple can be shown to us by the WWDC conference 2019, which will take place in June. Apple will then present what he is working on iOS 13 and will probably indicate what devices will support the "thirteen". Recently, there have been rumors that owners of the iPhone 6S would have to get around the taste in this case. Let me know in the comments whether you actually use a used iPhone or how long you use your model. Source