The Play network continues with the previously chosen path, aiming to fully become independent from national roaming. There are already first effects in the form of new LTE and LTE Ultra masts.

Play has set itself the goal of separating itself from dependencies on national mobile network operators from which transmitters have used and continue to use purple. Today, the telecom spokesperson praised the first successes associated with the company's plans.

Play coverage grows faster than expected

The implementation of Play plans is almost exemplary. In the previous year, the company managed to implement the assumptions in more than one hundred percent, which is above expectations. The number of masts with transmitters has exceeded the designated limit of 1000 base stations. If a similar pace is maintained over the next few years, purple will end the process of becoming independent from the competition in a surprisingly short time.

Currently, as many as 2,235 inhabitants of towns over 1 thousand can use the LTE coverage in the Play network . residents. Only in the last month it was possible to start the range in as many as 21 new locations.

In the case of LTE Ultra the case looks a bit worse, but it still is a satisfactory result. The level of 1705 places over 1 thousand has been reached. residents. During the last month, transmitters in 33 towns were installed and implemented.

You can read the full list of transmitters on the blog of the Play spokesman . However, you must bear in mind that the entire migration process to your own base stations may take several years. Such projects involve the possibility of occurring of smaller or larger problems with coverage.

However, this does not mean a hundred percent of their occurrence. Regarding the priority given to the issue of independence from other Polish telecoms, I dare say that the whole process will be carried out as seamlessly as possible for network users.