Tim Cook, in the face of problems related to waning interest in iPhones, decides to reduce their price in selected markets.

Giant from Cupertino today announced sales results for the first quarter of 2019. At first glance, iPhone sales figures do not look very good. That's why Tim Cook is considering lowering the price of iPhones in the markets where it's recommended. Is Poland at stake?

For a long time, we have been talking about Apple's problems related to the waning interest in smartphones with the logo of a bitten apple on the casing. In the last letter to investors , Apple's CEO has even lowered the sales forecasts for this product. It botched the network, though unnecessarily. In fact, we buy fewer iPhones than a year, two or three years ago, but this is due to various factors. The most important from the Cook's point of view is the price.

Where prices of iPhones will be lower

The director of Apple in comments for Reuters UK explained the fact that in some markets the regular price of new iPhones is disproportionate to the economic conditions prevailing there.

The main culprit was the weakening exchange rate of local currencies in relation to the US dollar. The macroeconomic situation on individual markets means that prices of iPhones, originally set in dollars, are less attractive for customers than those from "friendlier" markets.

Unfortunately, all indications are that Poland is not among the "problematic" markets. This means no more or less than the fact that we can not count on the price reduction associated with the described situation.

Apple ends? Good yourself

Referring to the aforementioned quarterly results of Apple , a small summary of which I will post below, you have to say something clearly. Despite the fact that the sale of iPhones has slowed down, the company is currently experiencing no crisis, which is the headlines of many news websites. Apple continues to record increases, although they are not as impressive as they used to be.

  • Revenue – 84.3 billion dollars
  • Profit – 4.18 billion dollars
  • Sales of iPhones – $ 51.9 billion (-15 percent)
  • Sales of Mac computers – 7.4 billion dollars (+ 9 percent)
  • Income from the sale of accessories – 6.7 billion dollars (+17 percent)

Considering the above, I am more than sure that a potential reduction in the price of iPhones will not significantly affect the overall condition of Apple. So what is the purpose of the procedure? In my opinion – the calm of investors and public opinion.

Source: Reuters , Apple