Although the vast majority of users of modern smartphones are waiting impatiently for the update to Android 9 Pie, in the lobby there is talk about its successor, Android Q. The problem is that the latest information is not very interesting.

I must admit that Google's actions in the field of mobile operating systems is a real phenomenon – although the market share of the latest version of Android, i.e. the ninth distribution called Pie, is just a few percent, the company is already working on the successor, what's more, the first network appeared tangible effects of these works. We already know that the new Android will get the night mode, there will be some interesting development options, and there will also … echo, I did not want to inform about it, but it really should be said that Android Q will get a tool that is a native of the twentieth century ( or of the distant Middle Ages).

Simlock is back. Ahoy, the Middle Ages!

Because you know – I thought that the practice of using SIM Lock is already times for the industry . At a time when smartphones are very often more expensive with operators than in free sales, we rarely decide to buy for a monthly subscription, but it seems that the operators of the Google company want to make us even more inclined to buy smartphones .

fot. pexels

fot. pexels

It turns out that the Android Q will be equipped with tools that will allow for even simpler (and remote) way to impose on the selected simlock , which is associated with the lack of possibility to use SIM cards of other operators.cCo interestingly, it will become it is also possible to make it for smartphones with the Dual SIM module, when the second socket is not used by us. If you think that something like this will help restart your smartphone or its factory reset, unfortunately I have to dispel your doubts – this will not happen, and the simlock will continue to be present. Fortunately, we will still be able to make an emergency call. Our good. I do not conceal that I did not expect such progress from Google – when it seemed that this solution straight from the Middle Ages will be gone forever, it suddenly turns out that the operator's lobby has been so effective for the giant from Mountain View that it bent and decided to further expand the possibilities of controlling smartphones sold. Well – we will have to return to professionals in the bazaars and remove simlock for 2 dychy. It sounds like a good joke, but not necessarily laughable. source