One of this year's trends for Android smartphones on board is to increase RAM. If? You will learn from this entry. Competition, however, has another idea for success.

Android smartphones and over 10 GB of RAM

Earlier this year, we saw that the first producers shyly started showing their smartphones with over 10 GB of RAM . Here you can mention companies such as Xiaomi, ZTE or Vivo. Lenovo in turn showed a smartphone with 12 GB of RAM. Most probably, it will be much more interesting at the MWC 2019 trade fair. One month later, however, it remained. New Android smartphones on board should get 10 GB of RAM or more in 2019. Such information is provided by sources in the suppliers' industry. This year, it is expected that 10 GB will become the standard for the operational memory subassembly intended for flagships.

Apple will only put on OLED panels

The latest WSJ reports confirm the rumor that reached us earlier this year. From 2020, Apple is to completely change to OLED panels. And that means, in turn, that the third version of the iPhone version of XR (if it arises) will no longer have an LCD screen. In 2019, we are the last time to see the second generation of the XR iPhone with Retina LCD screen. Why Apple puts so much on OLED? Apparently, these panels will help change the company to a more flexible project. What can be hidden under these enigmatically sounding words? Maybe folding iPhone? After 2020, we expect a new generation of smartphones with the logo of a bitten apple, which is why both information would coincide well with each other. Add to this Apple's work on a more rounded screen and we can fantasize about new equipment.

Apple will not be innovative again this year?

If you believe in rumors and current information, Android smartphones on board may this year slightly bounce Apple in a few respects. First of all – the design of the devices seems to be updated faster in the face of production possibilities (a hole in the screen, no connectors or buttons, a retractable selfie camera). Secondly – the situation with components looks the same (more than 10 GB of RAM). At the same time Apple in 2019 will probably for the third time in a row show the same smartphone design without significant changes. We met him in 2017, when he made his iPhone X debut. We are expecting something new in 2020. And although the iPhone is better optimized so that it does not need such a huge RAM, in terms of the update of the specification and implementation of new products this year, Android smartphones can Apple jump back further. Source 1 , 2