Xiaomi Dual Flex or Xiaomi MIX Flex – this may be called a foldable Xiaomi smartphone. One of the company's bosses praised the working video prototype. The smartphone is folded from two sides, so it's a completely different project from the current competition proposals. Will the foldable Xiaomi smartphone conquer the market?

2019 the year of folding smartphones?

Until recently, folded smartphones were only and exclusively the subject of rumors and announcements, which often had no basis or were just a strain of muscles like "we're working on a folded smartphone and we'll show it sometime". It is only a few months that we have witnessed the transformation of words into action. Apart from the ZTE Axon M model experiment, on the (Chinese) market, we already have a folding Royole FlexPai model, which in the first half of 2019 should include Samsung Galaxy Fold, pre-announced a few months ago, and in the uncertain future equipment from such manufacturers as Huawei, OPPO or Xiaomi.

Foldable Xiaomi smartphone on video

In this post I will focus on Xiaomi, because Lin Bin, or one of the co-founders of this company, shared on Weibo a short video material on which we can see how the foldable Xiaomi smartphone works . The copy in the film is still an unfinished but working engineering version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwY4u_ffGNI The Xiaomi model consists of two pages, transforming from a tablet into a smartphone . On the above material you can see that the equipment can efficiently switch from one view to another. You can only attach to the fact that after folding the folded sides still shine, but Xiaomi has already stated that it is a simple error, which will be corrected. Xiaomi announces that he intends to further improve his foldable smartphone and at the same time waiting for signals from fans and customers, whether they are interested in buying such a device. If this is the case, mass production and launching sales may start this year, although everything will depend on the further progress of the work.

By the way, Xiaomi wonders how to name this model. As of now, they are winning two options: Xiaomi Dual Flex and Xiaomi MIX Flex . Which option is better?

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