Samsung's folded smartphone will not have an easy path on the technological market – revenge is prepared by the Chinese and at least a few other producers from around the world. Today, we are looking at the OPPO proposal, which patented his idea for a folded telephone.

Flexible smartphones awaken the imagination not only of science-fiction fans , but also the entire mobile industry – the struggle for the first folding real-life phone that has been going on for several years has reached the climax of which will undoubtedly be the premiere of Samsung. Samsung Foldable, because it can be named, is the most prominent precursor of a new direction in the art of designing devices, but not only the Korean manufacturer has an appetite for folding solutions – other producers, including OPPO, will quickly enter the game.

OPPO presents its patent

The Chinese creator has already shown that he can create big-sized smartphones, which is why his latest patent should not give us too much surprise. It shows the mechanism of the operation of the future phone, based on the display folded outside , not like in the case of Samsung, inside. The concept of the Chinese artist is based on the use of only one touch screen , the construction of which will be resistant to multiple stretches. We could see how similar solutions work at this year's CES, where the foldable smartphone Royole FlexPai was widely available to visitors. Kuba Klawiter was interested in him, showing him on one of his films: The phone from OPPO is to be based on identical principles, but its construction will include an extendable module of three cameras and significantly thinner bezels around the display – at least that's what the sketches in the patent suggest. After folding the smartphone half the screen will remain active. The manufacturer has not forgotten about the usual functionality, so the technical background of the model includes a USB type C port, a headphone input and a main button. The graphics do not show the fingerprint scanner, so the creators may choose to skip it and stay with face recognition technology in 3D.

Can you beat Samsung?

The disclosure of further information about the Chinese "squad" was foreseen at the end of February and MWC held at that time – the producer planned his conference on February 23, but it's hard to say whether we will officially see the evolutionary telephone. We also do not know if we will be able to overtake Samsung, which is planning to present its solution one month after the February premiere of the Galaxy S10 series. Source: 1 2