Today, information reached us that from January 31 Oppo enters the Polish market. Although we do not know which smartphones will go to Polish stores in the first place (this will be revealed on January 31), it is definitely something to wait for. These are the creators of such models as Oppo Find X or Oppo R17.

Oppo is a producer that debuted on a large scale 10 years ago. At that time, he managed to conquer the hearts of users in China and not only, and we repeatedly complained that their smartphones are not available in Poland through official sales channels. January 31 will change, because the first models of this brand will go to our stores.

Oppo in Poland from January 31

Expected interest must be large, because the distribution of Oppo smartphones in Poland will take up as many as four distributors, as you can read more in the entry below. Could Xiaomi, already firmly rooted in Polish consciousness as good and cheap devices, feel threatened? This will be mainly determined by prices, and Oppo itself is not known for the very attractive valuation of its devices . Distribution will be carried out by AB, NTT SA, ABC Data SA and TelForceOne SA, one of which is already responsible for launching Xiaomi models on the Polish market . I do not know which smartphones with the Oppo logo we will see first. I know for sure what I would like to see on store shelves.

What models would I like to see first?

The list is of course open Oppo Find X. In the absence of the similarly designed Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 this model would have a chance to conquer the highest price shelf with an unusual appearance for those who have already had notchecked and tears in the screen. This will have a price, and considering the amount that the manufacturer wishes for Oppo Find X in other European markets, rather high. In the direct conversion, it is well over PLN 4,000, so we are dangerously approaching the level of new iPhones. My second offer on the wish list is average – Oppo R17 and Oppo R17 Pro . These are almost complete models that are scarcely perfect for perfection. The camera with variable diaphragm, AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 710 and the battery with a capacity of 3700 mAh in the Pro model make it a very tasty morsel. It's hard for me to determine the price of this smartphone, but certainly it will not be less than 2000 zlotys. But it is worth waiting, because it is always better to be able to buy than not. Press Release