The future iPhone may have a smaller notch in the screen or it will completely get rid of notch due to the new technology developed by AMS. This is one of the component suppliers for Apple smartphones.

iPhone 2019 with less notes?

Analysts predict that 2019 for the iPhone still means having a notch in the screen. It is supposed to be smaller, and may disappear completely in a year. However, will Apple decide to gradually eliminate this element or maybe immediately jump to what Huawei and Samsung recently show? If notch stays on the iPhone, in 2019 it is certain that it will be smaller. All because the Austrian company AMS, which provides the TrueDepth camera system used by Face ID, announced quite important information earlier this year. The technology developed by this company can now work even when the optical sensors are under the OLED panel.

iPhone without notch?

So smartphone manufacturers can begin to implement sensors under the display to reduce the surface area needed for sensors. AMS comments on the premiere of its solution, going even a step further and claims that it will potentially enable the complete removal of frames around the display . Smartphone manufacturers have fiercely struggled in recent years to maximize the display-to-housing ratio. This information is very optimistic, so sooner or later we're expecting an iPhone without notch. But will this happen this year? I think we would all like that. Especially that Apple's leading competitors, namely Huawei and Samsung, have already managed to present their first smartphones only with a hole for the camera. Samsung, however, is working all the time to completely get rid of holes in the display and not only wants the screen to display the image, but also absorbed or made sounds. The company is also working on hiding the camera under the display, but such technology is to be completed at the earliest after 2020 , because at the moment the photos taken in such a release are too blurred.

Apple will be late with a "hole in the screen"?

Leakster IceUniverse recently shared interesting information. He is known for providing valid information. According to him, the iPhone in 2019 will still have a notch in the screen, and only in 2020 will get a hole for the camera. I would not take this status too seriously. First, IceUniverse publishes credible leaks, but mainly from the Samsung camp. It is worth to look at this information as a curiosity and prediction, and not necessarily an oracle. Probably in the following months we will have more unofficial reports on how the iPhone will present itself in 2019. Maybe Apple will surprise us and "eleven" will bring something else … Source 1 , 2