You have a Galaxy smartphone and are wondering if Samsung has anticipated an update for Android Pie for him and when will you get it? In this entry you will find a list of Samsung devices that will get Android 9, along with the expected date of starting the update process, and in Poland!

Buying a flagship smartphone with Android, you can count on a relatively fast update to the newer version of the system. That's what the theory says. In practice, everything depends on the manufacturer of a particular model. Samsung has never been known for its rapid pace, which is partly understandable due to the huge changes introduced by the manufacturer's system overlay. This year this argument has a lot of power, because Samsung together with Pie also provides a new, highly rebuilt system overlay, One UI , which is very different from Samsung Experience.

Pie for Samsung Galaxy – a list of models and dates

Samsung usually does not officially inform which models to receive the new version of Android and when it will happen. Sometimes, however, this is something that betrays individual branches. Now, however, there was a particularly interesting situation, because the Samsung Members application has a detailed list of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets that will get Android 9.0 Pie. What's more, the planned dates of the update are given and they relate to Poland .

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9: January 2019,
  • Samsung Galaxy S8: February 2019,
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 +: February 2019,
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8: February 2019,
  • Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018): March 2019,
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018): March 2019,
  • Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018): March 2019,
  • Samsung Galaxy A6: March 2019,
  • Samsung Galaxy A6 +: March 2019,
  • Samsung Galaxy J4 +: April 2019,
  • Samsung Galaxy J6 +: April 2019,
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017): June 2019,
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017): July,
  • Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4: August 2019,
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017): August 2019,

Samsung pie lista It is worth bearing in mind that this does not have to be a closed list and nothing prevents Samsung from expanding it in the future . Maybe other update phones have not been approved yet and Samsung decided to refrain from adding them to the list. There is also the possibility that due to unforeseen problems, any of the mentioned devices will not get an update (which is unlikely) or there will be a delay. I would treat the terms themselves as approximate , because a new version of the system can be made available at other times, if only because of the problems mentioned above. Much may also depend on the operator or other factors. Of course, the change can also be a plus – in the end, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + got Pie less than a month before the expected date.

Android Pie for Samsung smartphones – new

For a full list of changes that Android Pie from One UI will bring on Galaxy smartphones, see the picture below to enlarge): 20190108_160148