Will the iPhone XI, which will appear in 2019, receive a Touch ID and a triple camera? It looks like it, according to the first gossip and render. We check what may turn out to be true.

iPhone in 2019 with important changes?

iPhone XS, XS Max and XR do not sell as Apple would like. This is not an unofficial information, but facts. Tim Cook himself confirmed that sales are weaker than expected. The company sought reasons where it was in vain to look for them, but something or someone had to be blamed. You can not always be a winner and keep this position for as long as you want and finally we've received confirmation that it also applies to Apple. Therefore, analysts predict that the Cupertino company will have to be more in touch with the new products that it will offer in the iPhone XI. "Eleven", because we can initially determine the smartphone with the logo of a bitten apple, which will debut in 2019, may receive a slightly redesigned design. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/941412/sprzedaz-iphone-przyjecie-adopcja-ios-12-sukces/

iPhone XI with USB-C and Touch ID

Initial rumors suggest that the iPhone XI will receive a smaller notch in the screen. Touch ID would come back to the smartphone – biometric security, which Apple abandoned in favor of Face ID in 2017, when it debuted the iPhone X. It is possible that the port Lightning will be replaced with a USB-C connector. Can this situation take place? Yes, this is the most real thing. Although it's hard for me to believe that Apple will restore Touch ID after getting rid of it, but this time it would be integrated into the screen. We know that Apple has obtained a patent in which, when the Face ID fails, you can use the Touch ID. We can also look forward to Face ID of the second generation. In addition, the iPhone XI is to have a thinner OLED screen – it may happen that the company will restore the fingerprint reader, arguing its move to increase security . In the case of USB-C port it is also possible, because now iPads Pro have such connectors. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/940500/sony-dogada-sie-z-apple-wiele-na-to-wskazuje/

iPhone XI with a triple camera on the renderer?

For more than a year, it has been said that the iPhone in 2019 will finally get a triple camera. He will use the Time of Fly technology for this. Sensors will probably be provided by Sony. What does the iPhone XI look like with a triple camera? Reliable leakster Onleaks has partnered with Digit.in to present what can be considered as the prototype of this year's iPhone with three cameras. Onleaks claims that the renders were created on the basis of unfinished EVT designs. This is the first of three phases. We have DVT and PVT later. Speech in turn about the engineering, design and production phase in terms of tests. We can safely say that this look of the iPhone is controversial. The islet is quite wide and square. It is reminiscent of the solution already known from the Huawei Mate 20, but the distribution of the lenses and the LED lighting is not symmetrical. You can also see a different microphone location. I hope that the new iPhone will not have such a large island for a triple camera. At the moment, "it looks ugly" and I hope that this information will not be confirmed. And you, what do you think about this iPhone look? Source 1 , 2