Imagine that your job is to keep Huawei profile on Twitter. Imagine that the only thing you need to watch is to add new entries from your company's smartphone. Imagine if someone did not get it.

The work of a social media specialist is not usually littered with roses, but in the case of a technological giant like Huawei, there seems to be a lot of worse activities in this matter than running an official account of this Chinese company on Twitter. In order to find the right topic, you do not have to strain yourself too much, but it's really hard to make an image bad. Well, unless you're a "genius" and out of absent-mindedness, you throw your tweet on the iPhone .

Huawei has crawled to Samsung, at least on Twitter

It would seem that you can not do anything more stupid, and yet – it turned out that the person responsible for Huawei's Twitter account has made all New Year's fans wish for all the brand's fans and those watching the account via an Apple smartphone. Unfortunately for the Chinese, this post efficiently caught one of the most well-known technological youtubers in the world, that is Marques Brownlee , which of course gave this case an appropriate, unfavorable for this huge group, run. It is even more funny that on the basis of recent developments in terms of trade relations between China and the US, Huawei has firmly prohibited its employees from using iPhones, as well as offering significant discounts to enable the purchase of the company's equipment. However, as you can see, it did not help much, and the Chinese have just recorded a significant marketing penetration.

That was fast

– Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) 1 January 2019

Generally, it's hard to imagine how recklessly you could act in such a mundane matter – like Donald Trump, complaining about the use of the iPhone, thrown on Twitter an entry from an Android smartphone, as well as Samsung threw a note using an Apple smartphone, so Huawei has completed quite a solid, image flaw. Sure, it's not a very important issue from the point of view of the customer, but it is precisely such details – at the time of one of the greatest economic battles of recent years between the two great powers – that make a difference . And especially for Huawei, so strongly associated with the communist party of China, it should be very important. source