China and the US have more and more problems with each other. What is the most bizarre – it affects employees. One of Huawei's partners forbade his relatives to use iPhones under penalty.

"Silent war" between the US and China?

The US government has repeatedly warned against Huawei and the possibility of spying on US citizens who own smartphones of this brand. Some time ago, the services advised against using Chinese phones to their allies. As if that was not enough, the US government recently arrested Meng Wanzhou . This woman is the financial director of the Chinese company Huawei. Was China passive about such escalation? And how. First, there was a report of a ban on the sale of iPhones in China , which was supported by the violation of Qualcomm's patents by Apple. Now the company Menpad from Shenzen has entered the campaign. This is one of the most important suppliers of LCD screens for Huawei.

It is forbidden to have iPhones under penalty of a fine

Menpad informed that every employee of the company who wants to buy an iPhone will be fined at the price of the purchased device . Imagine, however, that this is not the end. The company guarantees up to 15% subsidy for people who choose Huawei or ZTE devices. One more significant piece of information may be the fact that the commission of merchants working in the United States of America has been raised twice. Who in this case will use the iPhone, when he will be able to win extra cash, without suffering a penalty? I doubt that someone would want to expose themselves to a company for this reason. Nevertheless, we immediately see that freedom of choice in the case of private life of Menpads (in this case, the desire to own this or another brand of smartphone) is a mirage.

It's the most-important thing for Apple …

In all this situation Apple is the most affected , because this company is in no way responsible for the arrest of Meng Wanzhou. The problem is that the iPhone is associated with the US, because it is a product of the Cupertino concern. Despite the fact that the phone is designed in the USA, a significant number of its components are manufactured in Asia. For Huawei, Apple is a direct competitor. And although the Cupertino group is poor in China, it is the leading brand of smartphones in the USA. Huawei has been trying to break through with his devices in this country for some time, but the company is being blocked by the government. Is the US therefore nothing behind the ears? I dares doubt. Nevertheless, it seems to me that this "quiet war" between the US and China will not end soon. I only hope that it will not deepen in the years to come. Source