CAT, and therefore a brand known from excavators and smartphones with very high resilience, decided to launch with an unprecedented guarantee on the market to damage the screen. It seems to me that it is a great opportunity to check whether CAT really has indestructible smartphones on offer.

The Cat brand is confident in the performance of its rugged smartphones to the extent that it offered an unprecedented warranty on the market to damage the screen. If the customer breaks or breaks the screen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass during the warranty period, the manufacturer will repair or replace it for free. -fragment of the press release

As it turns out recently, there has been an increase in cellphone defects , as revealed by a survey of 5130 consumers from Western Europe. The survey found that 34% of users (one in three people) have damaged a mobile phone in the last three years. The damage was so serious that the smartphone had to be repaired or even replaced. There will be no surprise to anyone that the damage was caused by dropping or flooding. Therefore, the CAT decided that the display will also be covered by a 24-month warranty period . This means that during the warranty period, if the screen is damaged accidentally, it will be replaced by the manufacturer at no additional cost. The latest action, however, does not include all devices available in the offer, and only applies to four models: CAT S31, CAT S41, CAT S60 and CAT S61 . CAT S61 is a one-of-a-kind smartphone . This is a model for special tasks, which is almost indestructible, and it also has a thermal imaging camera, a laser rangefinder and an air quality sensor on board. If you were interested, it is necessary to read the review, which I prepared for you in August this year. For more information please visit the manufacturer's website . Press Release