Holidays are getting closer, so more manufacturers are starting with next Christmas promotions. This time we have something for myPhone and Hammer brand enthusiasts – these cheap items can be bought for an even smaller amount thanks to a special Advent sale.

The promotion organized by mPTech, ie the operator of the myPhone, Hammer and techBite brands, is cyclical and refers thematically to the well-known Advent calendar. This time, instead of chocolates after opening the windows, we can find the discounted devices from this manufacturer. Every day from December 1 to December 20, the manufacturer will offer us new equipment in a promotional version – in the majority of cases, these are discounts up to 45%, except for the offer that appeared on the first of December – then a set consisting of a techBite ZIN 14.1 laptop appeared in its base price of PLN 899, though with an interesting addition in the form of a memory card for PLN 1.

Advent Calendar – 20 promotions within 20 days

In addition, the offer includes a myPhone FUN LTE smartphone, which has been lowered from PLN 349 to PLN 299 and a techBite Flix TV Box, discounted from PLN 299 to PLN 249. The three occasions will be available throughout the duration of the promotion, up to December 20. The next offers, starting from tomorrow, will be active only for one day only, which in a way encourages you to look at the Advent calendar of mPTech . Today, at a promotional price, you can buy a strengthened, classic Hammer 2+ phone – its normal price is PLN 239, and by December 20, we will pay PLN 169 for it. Quite original is that on the block concealing this promotion we find information that the sale is 17%, while in practice it is 30% – well, it's quite interesting.

fot. mPTech

fot. mPTech

What sort of things can we expect on the next days? Certainly they will mainly be smartphones and phones of myPhone and Hammer brands, or cheap tablets. So if you chase to buy cheap equipment from this manufacturer, then well – there is a high probability that you will buy them even cheaper – so it is worth stopping the decision to buy at least a dozen or so next days. Press Release