It has long been known that smartphones do not only count the battery capacity, but also their charging speed. It is because it is able to compensate for cells with smaller capacity and thus allow the user to be in constant contact. Which technology is the fastest one? We know the answer to this question.

Since most fast charging technologies tend to load much faster in the first 30 minutes , 59 different devices have been compiled to check which smartphones offer the fastest charging. A test of 59 smartphones offering support for fast charging technology was carried out. There are a lot of such authoring technologies, but the best one is without doubt that developed by Oppo – Super VOOC Flash Charge . Published ranking revealed that the Oppo R17 Pro is the device with the fastest charging technology – just 30 minutes was enough to supplement energy in a 3700 mAh battery to 92% . It was possible thanks to the previously mentioned Super VOOC Flash Charge technology, up to 50W. The second place went to Honor Magic 2 . For the energy efficiency in this model is responsible battery with a capacity of 3500 mAh, which received support from the super-fast charging – Magic Charge – 10V / 4 A (40 W). This technology charges the battery to 83% in the time specified above. On the third and fourth place there were the following models: Meizu Pro 7 Plus and Oppo R11, which reached the 66% charge level. Meizu Pro 7 sale is in a 3500 mAh battery, and Oppo R11 in a 3000 mAh battery. Both models use 20W chargers, which are almost standard. I will not describe all the items, because it is clearly visible on the chart, but it is worth to pay attention to the fact that Mi Mix 3 Xiaomi being in the fifteenth place is the only device of this Chinese manufacturer in this ranking on a fairly high position. The smartphone, after two-fifteen minutes, regained 56% of energy. Of course, it is also worth remembering that the capacities of batteries in individual smartphones are different, so this is not an ideal comparison. Nevertheless, the victory of the Super VOOC Flash Charge is convincing enough that we can confidently define this charging technology as the fastest one . Ranking