Without developing too much thought – this is not the case with the financial crisis, expensive HTC. Saving your way, but it's a road that leads nowhere.

Looking at new information coming straight from the Bluetooth SIG database, I come to the conclusion – HTC is lurking and does not really know how to scramble from its agonizing financial convulsions. Because you know what – is 2018, soon will come into use smartphones with flexible screens, with five lenses, fast processors and this counting I could continue for a good minute, looking for a variety of technological innovations that either have already appeared or will soon go to new devices . And there is also such a HTC, which tries to be taken seriously and still makes a good face to the bad game, and in addition, it presents smartphones that will buy … well, no one knows who.

Smartphone with Snapdragon 435. Really?

In the Bluetooth communication certification database there is an entry about the new smartphone of this manufacturer, which will most probably be aimed at the lower regions of the lower shelf. That is to say – others probably would locate their equipment in the lowest shelf with such a processor, but the Taiwanese are known for their tendency to exaggerate valuations of their products. Anyway, it will be a smartphone based on Snapdragon 435, so the layout, which market premiere took place … in February 2016 . We extinguish the lights, the curtain, the end of the performance.

fot. gsmarena

fot. gsmarena

Really, this information alone says that we will not have to deal with equipment interesting in any respect, unless you are a smartphone enthusiast for PLN 1 added to the subscription offers from operators. This is a unit made in an archaic, 28-nanometer production process, supposedly based on eight cores, but instead Cortex-A53, clocked at a frequency of just 1.4 GHz. Fear to be afraid, what will complement the technical specification of this model – 2 GB RAM? 16 GB of data space? A 5 megapixel camera? In general, a turn to cheaper devices can be a kind of catharsis for HTC finance, but only when this move is carried out with the head. In this case, the head was cut off somewhere at the beginning of the trip to a better one, because in a flood of Chinese and cheap "no-names'ów" offering similar devices in the hell of low prices, the proposal HTC is simply no breakdown . Maybe in 2016 it was better (at least for HTC), but it's time to change the cards in the calendar and adapt to the current realities. And with this Taiwanese probably have a very big problem. source