If you are going to transfer the number to Play, and by the way you are wondering about one of the Samsung smartphones, then you have little time to make that decision. The operator ends with a sensational promotion.

Two great promotions are becoming obsolete. However, you still have some time to make the decision to transfer the number to Play.

From September 21 this year there is a promotion, in which everyone transferring the number to the subscription offer of the Play network will receive six months subscription for zero zlotys . The promotional campaign is valid in all offers – SOLO, DUET, FAMILY and GENERATIONS. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/898860/play-6-miesiecy-gratis/ In contrast, from September 27, this offer has been extended and covers 9 months for zero zlotys, when buying one of the Samsung smartphones , which is available in the operator's offer . Of course, the customer also does not pay for 9 months for the phone. In the case of a subscription offer, it applies to SOLO, DUET, FAMILY and GENERATIONS in the offer of L. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/901206/grube-promo-w-play-czyli-9-miesiecy-abonamentu-za-darmo/ Unfortunately soon these offers will cease to exist. According to the information provided on the blog of the operator, the end of the promotional campaign will take place at the end of November 7 this year . So you have some time to make the final decision. In addition, there is a big plus for the operator for information in advance. You must remember about one more important issue, namely that the rebate is counted from the moment you sign the contract, not the transfer of the number.

Subscriptions, as always rich – HBO GO, Showmax, Tidal and PLAY NOW, is a typical standard for almost every offer. You will not get these noble accessories only in the cheapest offer (Offer S). Of course, the higher your commitment, the more valuable the bonuses.

Tariff plan / price for one person S offer M offer L offer
Internet 5 GB No limit – full speed of 10 GB No limit – full 30 GB speed
minutes Unlimited
SMS / MMS 19 gr Unlimited
EU roaming Package without additional fees
PLAY NOW NO Basic package Basic package + 1 of 3 to choose from (Sport, Kids, Extra)
HBO GO NO 3 months 6 months
Showmax NO 3 months 6 months
Tidal NO 12 months 24 months

And now a few examples of new products in the Play offer, which are worth deciding as part of the ending promotional offer.

Below are just a few offers of the latest smartphones available on the Play network, which are definitely worth placing during the ongoing promotional campaign for the number transferring. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/913336/meizu-w-ofercie-play/ https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/913422/promocja-samsung-galaxy-note-9-play/ https: // www. gsmmaniak.pl/912358/rusza-przedsprzedaz-razer-phone-2-w-play/ https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/910616/nowosci-w-orange-i-play/ https: //www.gsmmaniak. com / 909270 / Huawei mate-pro-20-in-play /