Play today presented the latest offer – Play NEXT. This is something completely new, which the operator has not presented yet, although there was something like that on the market.

Folx rolled up in less than a year, and in its place is Play NEXT.

Play NEXT is an offer of telecommunications services in an application based on subscription, and therefore a solution that until recently was promoted by Folx. Whether the new Play offer is better, it will show time, but it is certain that it is more expensive – the monthly subscription is PLN 45 . Play NEXT_2 At this price the customer receives 50GB for data transfer, unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and MMS, as well as the EU package. For comparison, in Folx for PLN 29.99, the user also received a nolimit, although the data package was smaller, as it amounted to 20GB. Therefore, the additional PLN 15 in Play NEXT results from a larger data packet.

In Play NEXT, everything takes place from the level of the mobile application, and therefore contact with technical support via chat, subscribing to the offer, or adding money to the piggy bank for additional services.

Toughened seems to be a great solution for everyone who likes to send SMS Premium, and therefore extra paid. In the case of pre-paid or subscription offers, funds are withdrawn from the account or added to the invoice. There are no invoices and receipts in Play NEXT, therefore, to use such services, you must top up your piggy bank with a payment card . You must know that without any funds, no funds (except those for subscription) will be collected.

There is, of course, a command system, so a recommended and recommended person can have a monthly subscription for a symbolic zloty.

The command system was on Folx's offer, so it could not be missing in Play NEXT. If you recommend someone to an offer and this one uses it, you will be able to use the service for PLN 1 for a month . There is no limit of commands, so it is a good chance for people who want to pay little. People interested in using the Play NEXT offer can get up to six months of free services – just transfer the number from another network. If, however, you decide on a new number or transfer a number from the Play On Card offer, you will receive three months of free subscription. To start using the Play Next service, you need to download the app from Google Play for Android smartphones and App Store for iOS. Then follow the instructions. A dedicated Play NEXT page is located under this address . Summing up, Play NEXT is:

  • One subscription for 45 PLN / month.
  • Unlimited calls, SMSs and MMSs and 50 GB of internet
  • Freedom: you give up when you want and come back anytime

Everything you do in the application:

  • You choose a new phone number or transfer your existing one
  • You pin the payment card so you do not think about monthly subscription fees
  • You order a SIM card, which will be provided by courier or picked up in the nearest Play Salon
  • You contact us on the chat with our 24/7 consultants