It turns out that Apple in iOS 12 has improved the security of the system to such an extent that it is really worth upgrading the system of your iPhone or iPad to the latest version. We explain what it can save.

Smaller and bigger changes in iOS 12

iOS 12 is a system that debuted a few weeks ago. The stable version was very well received on the market as opposed to last year's "eleven". It is safe to say that iOS 12 is what iOS 11 should be from the very beginning . Last year, "something went wrong" and Apple constantly had to release further smaller updates to the final version to fix bugs. As if that was not enough, they were not completely eliminated, and the system itself was clumsy in use and in terms of performance. The whole was slightly better refined only after several major updates. iOS 12 may have brought less big novelties, and definitely more smaller improvements. For Apple, taking a step back, instead of moving forward blindly was a great solution. This confirms the very enthusiastic adoption of iOS 12 among users. Over a dozen or so days, over half of the iOS devices already had a "twelve" on board.

Security in iOS 12 in the first place

Apple usually does not boast about any changes it introduces in the system. I have the impression that the most interesting ones are even introduced "silently". Until anyone writes about them or encounters them, we have no idea about them. The same is true in this case Apple's care for the safety of data smartphones and tablets with the logo of a bitten apple. It turns out that Apple has successfully blocked the possibility of breaking the security of iPhones using a tool called GrayKey, which is used by security services. A small black box is connected to the smartphone, and then the password of the device that protects access to the data is broken. Many anonymous sources (referred to by Forbes) claim that GrayKey can not break the code of any iPhone or iPad that has iOS 12 or higher on board.

That's how Apple creates her image

On the one hand, we can complain that in the box with the latest iPhone we have a 5W charger, while on the other we do not even realize that the company protects the equipment and our data from unauthorized persons who would like to put their hands on them. Is it good or bad? Let everyone answer this question for themselves. However, I am of the opinion that the company, by taking care of the security and privacy of its users' data in every possible way creates a reputation . From time to time, we hear that some safeguards have been broken or leaked sensitive information about customers of companies. It is possible that over time, iOS 12 will become vulnerable to GrayKey. At the moment, the same ElcomSoft CEO – Vladimir Katalov claims that he has no idea what Apple did, that the GrayKey tool has stopped working . According to him, this can be anything – from better kernel security to more restrictive uploading of unauthorized profiles on your smartphone. Perhaps soon there will be vulnerability, which will be used by companies dealing with breaking access to smartphones. However, it's important that iPhone and iPad users with iOS 12 can sleep peacefully. If their device falls into the hands of the services, there is a poor chance that they will get to the owner's data. Source