Google has recently been punished by the European Commission for monopolistic practices. Brussels did not like the promotion of Google search and Chrome browsers on Android smartphones. The company has therefore decided to change the business model and Android with Google services will stop being free.

In July this year, the European Commission imposed a fine on Google in a record amount of € 4.34 billion for violation of EU antitrust laws. Authorities did not like the fact that Google built-in its search engine and browser in Android and forced smartphone manufacturers to install their applications, all to ensure a dominant position in the search engine market .

fot. Tsahi Levent-Levi,

fot. Tsahi Levent-Levi,

This type of Google activity results from the adopted business model. The company develops it and makes it available for free, but requires the presence of its own services, a Chrome browser and a search engine . Thanks to this, he can show us personalized ads and it is on them that they earn money. Unfortunately for Google, but the EU did not like it and the Americans were forced to act. Because of this Android, as we know it, it will stop being free in our part of the world.

Google services in Europe will be charged

Let's start with the fact that Android will still remain free, open software ( Open Source ). However, it is not a green robot, as we know it from our smartphones, because in its basic form there are no Google services. And it's not just about such crap as Google Play Music or Google Allo / Duo, but also YouTube and most importantly the Google Play store .

Fot. Google

Fot. Google

This is an extensive store with a huge number of applications is probably the most important feature of Android, without which most of us can not imagine this system. After all, even if we do not use Google services, we are looking for alternatives to them. For many users, an Android phone without a software store will become – to put it mildly – useless . In this situation, the producers will have to pay for it anyway, because with other Google services it will stop being free in the European Economic Zone. Of course, producers pay for it, but it's just a theory. In practice, these fees can and probably will be passed on to customers, so the price of Android smartphones in Europe will increase further . I remind you that now we have a high price, and it may be even worse, unless the companies take pity on us.

Google services in various packages

Producers of Android smartphones will have three options (the last two will be paid ):

  • creating equipment without Google services and store (as in China),
  • creating devices with the Google Store and other services, but without a free search engine and Chrome browser,
  • creating exactly the same Google software as now.

Formally, the changes will take effect from October 29, 2018 , but Google is still going to appeal the decision of the European authorities, so everything can still change. The company would prefer to stay with the previous business model. Source