Hard, harder … and yet good. Announces that Samsung will record a really good quarter in terms of finance, but this time the truth lies in the middle …

The smartphone industry has slowed down – a fact that can not be denied, and although there is no trace after the historical drop in sales, the increases are clearly smaller, which means that the biggest players are trying to slightly change their market strategy, of course outside Apple, which serves the budget in the price of the flagship. Anyway, one of the companies that most felt the changes on the market was Samsung, which, unlike Xiaomi or Huawei, lost some influence on the market, although it is still the undisputed king of the industry.

Increases in finance, declines in smartphones

In general, however, a lot was said about the hard period before Samsung, which will rather lead to a downward trend in the context of industry shares. Meanwhile, the first information on the company's financial results, which are to be … record, appears in the network. This is due to an 18% increase in profits as compared to the same period a year earlier and a 3.7% increase in revenue in the same comparative period. Thus, it is to be the third quarter in a row with record financial results. The problem is that in no way was it due to smartphone business. The plot of smartphones in the case of the Korean tycoon, according to the opinions of industry analysts, still suffers. Currently, it is only responsible for 20% of business associated with the segment of mobile devices, and although it is expected to rebound after the premiere of Galaxy Note 9, many industry experts predict that records related to the premieres of the next flagship Galaxy S family will not be repeated again. This is shown, for example, by the example of the Samsung Galaxy S9 – although it was originally planned to sell at 40 million units, it was quickly reduced to 32-34 million copies. And so much, but probably not for such results Samsung counted.

fot. pexels.com

fot. pexels.com

The company behind the ears, however, is pulling a very profitable business associated with the supply of various chips – we are talking here about both mobile SoC and memory, for which the demand is still huge. It is precisely this business company that owes a lot of growth, which is especially important taking into account the declining interest in Samsung displays and the ever-pressing competition in China in this segment.

Samsung makes up while it can

Despite the good financial results in Samsung, it will certainly not be slightly in the coming months. For now, it manages to overwhelm the hole created by the weaker condition of smartphones, but who knows how long it will go? Time will show, and yet it remains to be wished for more accurate decisions on the field of mobile devices. source: gsmarena