Do fans of cheap smartphones from China have a big problem? We do not need to dramatize so much, but catching up on interesting opportunities will be a bit more difficult now.

Xiaomi smartphones are among the most attractive when it comes to smartphones bought in Chinese stores – the best confirmation of this is the fact that in the promotions recommended by us very often you will find models of this manufacturer at very attractive prices. The heads of the group are aware, however, that customers from Europe often choose devices that were originally intended for the Chinese market.

The Global version is now the only choice

What does it mean? Well, the fact that we are dealing with equipment not only deprived of the popular LTE B20 bands, but also services without which we can not imagine using an Android smartphone – among them the Play Store, Gmail or YouTube. The only option was to flash the smartphone and upload an alternative ROM, enabling the installation of an international version of the operating system. This procedure, however, has been shortened. On the official Xiaomi forum there was information that the company blocked the possibility of uploading an international version of the MIUI overlay for all devices that were purchased in the Chinese version . An interesting fact is that people who buy Xiaomi from outside China will have similar problems and will want to use the Chinese version of the software.

fot. Xiaomi

fot. Xiaomi

Any interference by the user in this matter will fail, and in some cases, when we urgently want to "improve" the software (even by blocking the bootloader), we can also – saying colloquially – "cut" the smartphone.

Is this the end of promotion from China? of course not

Does this state of affairs mean the end of cheap smartphones straight from China? But from where – many popular services, such as Gearbest or Aliexpress, offer virtually any smartphone in the Global version, i.e. an edition that includes the international version of MIUI and Android. It is true that it is usually more expensive than the edition intended for the Chinese market, but regularly the differences are not really great – it is often a matter of 5-10 dollars, so the sum that you can really swallow easily. Anyway – many people decide to buy a device in the Global version for pure convenience , because flashing a mobile device is quite a tedious and time-consuming process, and for less advanced users it may be simply too difficult. Generally, for many potential buyers from China, there will be little change – only the search for cheap smartphones will be difficult for those looking for Chinese versions of smartphones in order to achieve the lowest prices of equipment and they are not afraid of various operations on their phones. So there is nothing to panic about – good opportunities for mobile devices straight from China on gsmManiaKu definitely will not be lacking, especially because we regularly recommend models in the global version! However, one thing must be considered – it may happen that the seller theoretically offers us a smartphone with a global version of MIUI, but he himself uploaded it to the Chinese version when it was still possible. In this situation, you have to be careful and under no circumstances to block the bootloader, because it can lead to a phone down. Is an unlocked bootloader a problem? First of all, when we want to make mobile payments, because in such a situation they are not possible. Fortunately, most Xiaomi smartphones do not have NFC, so what's the difference? 😉 source: