Looking at today's smartphone market, I get the impression that the word that is missing from each manufacturer is originality … This totally disappears, and this time copying again becomes Samsung, which tries to look for ways to recover customers.

The market can change …

If a few years ago someone told me that Samsung will be forced to copy Chinese smartphones, I would rather not take it seriously. Of course, let's not talk about Apple here, because this inspiration has lasted for many years and is visible in many fields and works both ways. Meanwhile, the market shows that the sentiment to the brand is not enough and often a nicer design, or a lower price are sufficient reasons to change the current manufacturer for another.

fot. Pexels, gsmManiaK

fot. Pexels, gsmManiaK

Last week, I informed you about the share of profits of individual producers in the second quarter of 2018. This shows how good Chinese manufacturers are doing well on the market. Huawei was particularly successful, which saw a nearly two-fold increase in profits year on year, while producers such as Apple and Samsung recorded losses. Of course, it is still far from the largest, but while maintaining this growth rate, in a few years we can witness a completely different look of the chart with the distribution of profits.

Samsung launches the offensive

In addition to the fact that Samsung releases a special series of average people, with many flagship technologies, the products from the budget series, as well as average people will receive housing modeled on the color Twilight known from the flagship Huawei P20 Pro , but is that what customers expect? Is this a way to regain their trust? https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/900180/samsung-galaxy-p30-czytnik-w-ekranie/ To tell the truth, I doubt. I suspect that the bigger shock and the reason for which Samsung would regain love in the eyes of customers, would be a change in design, optimization of the overlay and, above all, adjusting prices to the level corresponding to the capabilities of the equipment. Unfortunately, but Koreans are not Apple, which no matter what releases, it still becomes a sales hit. The best part is that the price also does not matter much. If the steps taken so far by Samsung are not successful, then Huawei will gather further harvests. In addition to the medium-sized segment, they can also seize the flagship market, all thanks to Kirini 980, which is to significantly exceed the competitive Bionic system from Cupertino. Instead of commercials, which were often pathetic on the part of Korans, Huawei came up with the idea of ​​giving away powerbanków, which will certainly be more in the memory of customers waiting in queues for the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/900484/iphone-xs-max-czas-dzialanie-bateria-wytrzymalosc/ What do you think about it, will really multi-colored enclosures be able to encourage you to buy Samsung phones? source: GalaxyClub Netherlands