We will soon be able to use the famous "Ok, Google" while driving – using the Android Auto app, which allows you to easily stay in touch with the world without taking your hands off the wheel. The Google Assistant received a lot of interesting and really useful commands, for which more than one driver will certainly be grateful.

Smartphone support and navigation with voice commands

Assistant implemented in Android Auto is supposed to support commands that will primarily allow you to manage your smartphone while driving without taking your hands off the steering wheel or looking away from the road . During the trip, the assistant will, for example, allow voice navigation to specific places using Google Maps, or Waze depending on your preferences. In addition to commands for direct travel, it will also be possible to call, create reminders or switch music in many streaming applications.

Assistant will answer many questions

Źródło: android.com/auto

Źródło: android.com/auto

In addition to commands by which the assistant will follow the driver's instructions, he will also answer his questions . For example, where is the nearest store, pharmacy or ATM. After asking such a question, the driver will immediately receive a response and the ability to navigate to the destination found. In addition, the module will be regularly updated to increase the base of supported questions and answers.

Where and when will Android Auto be available?

Although Android Auto already serves more than 30 countries as a navigation application, the expanded Google Assistant works, for now, in seven – in Australia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. In the near future, the number of these countries is to increase significantly – including Poland as part of the application. Source: assistant.google.com | android.com/auto