The upcoming months will be a real battle between smartphone processors – Snapdragon 845 and Apple A11 will go to waste? Certainly not so soon, but they will have a serious competitor. We present some new information about the next generation of Huawei chips and its main player, which will be the Kirin 980.

Kirin 970, which is currently the most powerful Huawei processor, was presented at the IFA in 2017 and it can be confidently said that the producer will bring a new layout for the IFA 2018 edition, which will take place on August 31 in Berlin . Of course, we're talking about the Kirin 980 model, which will be equipped with the upcoming Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro. The processor has several innovations in relation to its predecessor, which makes it a serious rival for Snapdragon 845 and systems from Apple. Let's take a closer look at him.

Strong Kirin 980 specification

According to the latest report, the Kirin 980 is supposed to work at a frequency of up to 2.8 GHz , while its predecessor could boast a 2.4 GHz clock. The production process will also be modernized – the newest Kirin will be made in 7 nm technology . TSMC will deal with the production, which services have often been used by Apple, Nvidia and AMD.

Kirin 970 / fot. SoyaCincau

Kirin 970 / fot. SoyaCincau

The Kirin 980 will undoubtedly be an efficient octopus – it will be equipped with four officially unknown Cortex A77 cores and four Cortex A55 cores. Rumors are about placing Huawei's proprietary graphics layout in the layout . The performance of the new graphics processor is to be 1.5 times better than Adreno 630 , located in Snapdragon 845.

Huawei's original technologies in a new layout

In February this year, Huawei presented the Balong 765 antenna , which supports LTE category 19 and the range of 4.5 G. Its maximum download speed is up to 1.6 Gb / s . It is speculated that the model will be in the newest Kirin, which would significantly improve the results of smartphone connectivity. Just as the Kirin 970 arrived with a dedicated NPU unit (Neural Processing Unit) supporting the operation of artificial intelligence, the Kirin 980 will come as a successor, equipped with an improved second generation NPU 1M unit. The new unit is to handle up to 5 trillion calculations per watt-second . In addition, smartphones powered by the new SoC will also be equipped with the acceleration technology GPU Turbo , but this should not be a surprise.

Kirin 980 sweep the competition?

Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro will be the first phones with the latest layout. In April, Mate 20 achieved a very high score in the AnTuTu test – 356819 points . Will the new processor make Huawei smartphones the strongest? It all depends on optimization and … competition. We have not met all the competitors this year yet. The Kirin 980 surprises with innovation and performance results, although we still have to wait for the exact ones. Nevertheless, the new Huawei processor will become their most advanced system and is pleased that it contained so many proprietary solutions – GPU Turbo, Balong 765 antenna and NPU 1M technology. Source: GizmoChina