The smartphone apps market seems to be in the favor of Android – Google in 2017 had 70 percent of the total number of downloads. However, Apple is taking more profit from his store.

Over the past few years, Android has built a huge advantage over iOS and has taken a monopoly on the application market. This is not surprising, because the number of Android devices is estimated at over 2 billion, and their sale alone accounts for 85 percent of the world market . This means that program developers treat Google Play as their main platform. Does the store's popularity bring more money? It turns out that it is not.

The App Store earns almost twice as much

According to research App by Annie and infographics Statist , owners of Apple devices are willing to spend much more on applications than their android "colleagues". Importantly, this is not just a periodic trend but a constant trend. App Store generated in 2017 as much as 66 percent of the global profit in the sale of applications , with only 30 percent of the number of downloads. On the other hand, Google's giant store remained far behind in terms of pay.

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The advantage in Apple's profit has been going on for years and it does not seem that the California company would have anything to threaten. Not at all on the application market.

Google on quantity, Apple on quality

The App Store has over one million fewer programs than its direct competitor. This is due to the fact that applications placed in the Apple store are usually tested and most junk programs are screened. However, in the gigantic Google Play, we still find thousands of useless applications that only reside on servers. The differences in the consumer market also result from the fact that iPhone fans have always been willing to spend more money on the products of their favorite company. Apple has built a circle of devoted customers around it, and this tactic seems to translate perfectly into profit. Both stores are not and probably will not be perfect for a long time, but it is now on the shoulders of Android to reduce the distance to their competitor. Source: Statista, App Annie