The RFBenchmark website, like every month, has published new information on the speed of mobile internet in Poland. If you are interested, which of the Polish operators for the fastest internet, then I invite you to the rest of the article!

In the middle of the year, T-Mobile and Orange are giving away cards

June continues to strengthen in the T-Mobile and Orange positions. These two networks can boast the best download speed results. It is worth noting that Orange has the highest place on the podium for the fourth month in a row! Orange can boast an average download speed of 30.06 Mb / s. In June Magent rushed at 28.3 Mb / s. The podium was supplemented by Plus, which does not lower significantly, however, because it achieved the result of 21.9 Mb / s. The last position in the Big Four group went to the Play network, which continues to be the slowest network on the Polish mobile market – 20.17 Mb / s.

You send large files? Choose T-Mobile!



In the field of data sending, there has been a change of magent places with orange ones . This time T-Mobile turned out better and scored 11.94 Mb / s. However, the loss of Orange is so small that it can almost be considered a draw – 11.58 Mb / s. The lowest level of the podium was invariably found in the Plus network with the result of 11.42 Mb / s. I must admit that the competition here is extremely balanced. Play has a much worse performance once again, which can boast a result of just 7.12 Mb / s.

Low delays? Again T-Mobile and Orange

T-Mobile reports the best result at 38.12 ms, followed by Orange 40.37 ms. Play jumped on the podium, which this time did not stand out so much from the competition – 40.75 ms. The Plus result is 45.32 ms.

Who to choose?

From the published results, we find out that at the moment the best results and the fastest internet will be seen in T-Mobile and the Orange network . Plus fails in the field of delays that have proven to be the biggest. Play lags behind this in terms of speed. It is worth noting, however, that some of the tests, in the case of the T-Mobile network, could have been made by prepaid users who have a speed limit limited by the operator. Thanks to this, the overall result could be understated. The situation is similar in the case of the Play network, where some customers were able to make measurements while in national roaming, where very low maximum speeds may affect a significant drop in results and justify a very low data transmission speed.

fot. bspguy BigStock Photo

fot. bspguy BigStock Photo

Nevertheless, as a former purple user, I can say that this internet really works sometimes very poorly. P4 transmitters have a heavy load, and as a result, speeds are exactly in the ranges shown by the RFBenchmark website, and this picture may result in migration results between networks in the second quarter of this year. As a curiosity, I will add that in the center of Krakow often Play can connect with a roaming partner, which should never happen. source: RFBenchmark