Chinese GeekBuying store must enjoy considerable popularity among the residents of our country, because he decided to open his warehouse in Poland! Thanks to this, you will avoid charging additional fees and get the ordered goods much faster. GeekBuying decided to celebrate this event with special promotions.

Purchases in Chinese stores are very popular in Poland. Let it be testified by the fact that more stores open their own warehouses in our country to offer quick and trouble-free shipping of the ordered goods. In this way, fears of shopping in China are reduced to a minimum. GeekBuying has just made such a nod towards the Poles.

GeekBuying opens a warehouse in Poland!

From now you can order goods in the GeekBying store with delivery from the Polish warehouse . This means that you no longer have to worry about additional fees, and the shipping time has been reduced from about a month to just 2-7 days . The order will be delivered to you free of charge by the DPD courier company. What to do to order goods from the Polish warehouse? It is very easy. All you need to do is select the appropriate option when ordering: Zrzut ekranu (771)_LI And it's ready!

Promotion: lower prices and fast delivery

Chinese stores have this in mind that they like to celebrate such events, and therefore GeekBuying has given us a few discount codes for selected products:

Of course, each of these devices will be sent from the Polish GeekBuying magazine. The entry was made in cooperation with GeekBuying