Virtual assistants are undoubtedly the future of the mobile industry. Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa and Siri are now available for various systems. Some companies, however, have one more application for them, which will certainly take some jobs.

Google Duplex Assistant will take away jobs

Google Duplex Assistant is a more advanced voice recognition system, formerly known as Google Assistant, which after making some changes by the giant from Mountain View has gained a more natural and human voice. Some companies, seeing progress in this area, decided to use the software to save some money on payments for employees working in a call center . The idea is undoubtedly interesting and if you believe the latest reports, some companies are already taking their first steps to introduce Google Duplex to their corporations . What's more, these enterprises are already at the initial testing stage of the service. A representative of the search giant said that so far the company does not test the Google Duplex service with any particular companies, but nothing stands in the way of the companies themselves implementing the service on their own terms.

Does the Call Center industry need a virtual assistant?

This is undoubtedly a difficult question, and the answer depends on the point of view. If we look at the case from the employees of this industry, it is undeniably bad news. All because the potential introduction of this service would mean that a large number of employees would lose their jobs. Implementation of Google Duplex would mean that companies employing employees in the call center industry would not need so many people to answer phones and deal with matters by phone. The algorithms and the people who control them would be responsible for everything. On the other hand, only employees who have worked in the aforementioned position know how some people can be "unkind" in relation to them, and therefore all the criticism would be taken over by the machine. I am very curious if the algorithms would be able to recognize the bad mood of the caller and respond appropriately to this type of behavior. One way or another, progress can not be stopped . Machines increasingly take control over some areas. Will we talk with the machine or with a man we will probably learn in the next few years. If the tests are successful, virtual assistants will no doubt be available in more and more companies soon. Of course, the introduction of this type of solution in Poland will not happen in the near future, because the services are just teaching Polish. It can not be denied that as soon as we naturally use our native language, a revolution awaits us . Source: gsmarena